17 Apr, 2014

Från Mona Nilsson och Mobiltelefoni.tv 27 April, 2012

Senaste nytt om mobiltelefoni och hälsorisker

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Chemtrails manifestation 26 april 2014 Stockholm


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About Mona Nilsson

Mona Nilsson is a Swedish investigating journalist and author of two books on mobile phone and health risks. Her most recent book, Mobile phones and health (Mobiltelefonins hälsorisker), was published in 2010. In May 2011, she uncovered that one of the world-leading experts on mobile phone health risks, Anders Ahlbom, was a board member of a lobbying firm, Gunnar Ahlbom AB and that he had failed to report this conflict of interest to the IARC. She also revealed that the brother of Anders Ahlbom, had been a lobbyist in Brussels for the telecommunications industry for many years, an aspect that Anders Ahlbom also had failed to declare along the years.

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