1. @Lilian Neg
    Dispite your last namn, try to use positive constructive ways and meditation, like Jesus, Thomas before him and the Buddha before them!

    You mention some of the problems, but avoid to mention others. That is a mistake in my opinion. Secondly. After identifying the problems, try to solve them. Thirdly. Do not seek hope in your expatriates unless they show up to help you!

    You must yourselves nurture intelligence and emotion and investigate the problems deeply and then solve all of them in a scientific way! Religion will not do. It is an opium in a harsh world, but eventually makes life worse. Only sciencentific method will help you long term.

    If you do not go scientific, you might end like The End of Easter Island. If you reach balance with nature you will be real patriots and create a good land for your children. Each problem have solutions. Life is a challenge! Play the game! Good luck! 🙂


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