1. This article provides the so called blowback theory of terrorism. In it there is no room for conspiring angloamerican subversive organizations actually in every way enabling the terrorists . And the latter is unfortunately much closer to the truth than is the blowback theory. The French Revolution is brought up in the article. It was actually directed from Britain and there was no genuine local cause. There was no tyranny, nor any lack of food but the British helpers in France agreed to hoard grain so people could be more easily made to riot.
    Those behind the terror were under British direction and the purpose was to substitute traditional power with liberal monopoly capitalists to the liking of the British elite plotters. Just like the globalists aim to do now.
    If the Cia and other western subversive organizations stayed away from Africa there would be no Boko Haram terrorism. And if it hadnt been for Britains deliberate actions to fight secular progressive regimes in the arab world etc, and bolster and encourage backward fanatical islamism there wouldnt be anything like those terrorists today. Britain has for now centuries been the major cause for conflicts, misery and underdevelopment in the world. Deliberately caused by them. And for a century the US has continued their destructive agenda although in a less sophisticated manner so the US is more clearly seen for what it is: A rogue nation.

  2. Lilian Neg:please read Lars Bern`s blogg anthropocene.live (Swedish).
    He type diffrent terrorism like you.But he also have ideas how nato interfear in syria.state terrorism.cia.
    I lived six month in Dar Es Salaam,and i loved every second


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