National Defense Authorization Act (NDDA) – US Senate wants the entire USA to be a ”battleground”

Day 14 Occupy Wall Street September 30, 2011
Day 14 Occupy Wall Street September 30, 2011. Foto: David Shankbone. Licens: CC BY 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

In a stunning move that has civil libertarians stuttering with disbelief, the U.S. Senate has just passed a bill that effectively ends the Bill of Rights in America and will turn USA into a battleground.

Text: Mike Adams | Also watch this video: The US Constitution is gone 

The National Defense Authorization Act is being called the most traitorous act ever witnessed in the Senate, and the language of the bill is cleverly designed to make you think it doesn’t apply to Americans, but toward the end of the bill it essentially says it can apply to Americans ”if we want it to.”

Bill Summary & Status, 112th Congress (2011 – 2012) | S.1867 | Latest Title: National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 | Sponsor: Sen Levin, Carl [MI] (introduced 11/15/2011) | Related Bills: H.R.1540 | Latest Major Action: 12/1/2011 Passed/agreed to in Senate. | Status: Passed Senate with amendments by Yea-Nay. 93 – 7. | Record Vote Number: 218. | Latest Action: 12/1/2011 National Defense Authorization Act | Amendment details

This bill, passed late last night in a 93-7 vote, declares the entire USA to be a ”battleground” upon which U.S. military forces can operate with impunity, overriding Posse Comitatus and granting the military the unchecked power to arrest, detain, interrogate and even assassinate U.S. citizens with impunity.

Even WIRED magazine was outraged at this bill, reporting:

Senate Wants the Military to Lock You Up Without Trial
…the detention mandate to use indefinite military detention in terrorism cases isn’t limited to foreigners. It’s confusing, because two different sections of the bill seem to contradict each other, but in the judgment of the University of Texas’ Robert Chesney — a nonpartisan authority on military detention — “U.S. citizens are included in the grant of detention authority.” Source

The passage of this law is nothing less than an outright declaration of WAR against the American People by the military-connected power elite. If this is signed into law, it will shred the remaining tenants of the Bill of Rights and unleash upon America a total military dictatorship, complete with secret arrests, secret prisons, unlawful interrogations, indefinite detainment without ever being charged with a crime, the torture of Americans and even the ”legitimate assassination” of U.S. citizens on right here on American soil!

If you have not yet woken up to the reality of the police state we’ve been warning you about, I hope you realize we are fast running out of time. Once this becomes law, you have no rights whatsoever in America — no due process, no First Amendment speech rights, no right to remain silent, nothing.

Text: Mike Adams

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  1. Taking drastic action would only support a decision to institute martial law. We, the people, must prepare for such an event to take place, but hope it never does. In fact, we should all be writing to and talking with our congressmen to ensure that we are represented in their decisions. They may not listen, but that is a necessary risk to prevent widespread chaos.

  2. I’m 17 years old, still in high school learning from only one great class- political science. I think that the resentment between political parties need to stop, that’s truly the civil war right now in this country. It’s so intense that the government decides what each party can and can’t vote on in their ballot. What the heck?? When I register to vote, as well as a great amount of my friends, will be independent. What I have noticed is that so many American citizens don’t even keep up on what’s going on this nation. Especially a LOT of teachers who belong to the union and are told exactly what to vote. Voting has essentially lost all meaning and importance. Being in a mostly idiotic liberal state, I feel as my vote doesn’t even matter. I think we need to redo the voting system.

    I also think that we need to get rid of everyone in the big 3 houses and start from scratch. I honestly think there will be civil war, I just hope it can wait till I’m 18 so I can move to Texas and legally be able to take up arms. What the politicians are missing is reality. They become incredibly corrupted spending so much time in their little bubble of politics that they forget what really needs to change and be done. But this nation doesn’t need MORE government in our lives, we need a significant amount less. A couple of my unbiased teachers showed us how in economic downfalls a communist or socialist minded politician will rear their ugly little head and try to take over the country, of course they gave me examples and names of which I will not say because of this crap bill they just passed. Even though I don’t agree with their thinking I do not want them to have their freedom taken. All in all I think the citizens of this nation just need to step up, become educated and become valued voters. We can see how it turned out having Obama be elected based on his color instead of what he stood for. Too quick to jump on the race wagon. I hope that my generation will come to their senses and help to bring this nation back to it’s rightful glory.

    ( I think I just wrote most of my analytical essay haha sweet 🙂 )

    • I too, PeopleAreStupid, did just what you’re going to do. I registered Independent when I turned 18. Over time I realized that if I wanted to have any influence in changing the my county’s (not country) conservative bent, I’d have to register as a Democrat. I couldn’t vote one way or the other in the primary elections. If I wanted my voice to count and help influence more left thinkers in our county, I’d have to be a democrat for that to happen.

      And you’re right. The only way things will change is if we get rid of everyone and start over. But that’s not likely to happen. Ever.

    • I agree that we need to (as a nation) step up and become educated voters. Unfortunately, the ”education” that our youths are getting is the propaganda that is handed to them. Our children are unprepared for the rhetoric and propaganda that is becoming imbued in our society. What we need is to teach our country how to see past rhetoric and opinions. Otherwise, all of the ”education” that they are going to get, is actually ”indoctrination”.

  3. I can’t believe what I’m reading. The reason we are losing our rights is because we can not come together united. We continue to to fight against ourselves and with each passing min. We lose more freedoms. Its not about Obama nor Republicans or Democrats, its about big government. We as a nation, are damned. I’m a patriot and love my Country, I’ve bleed for it and would again if called. On the other hand, I hate my gov. And will not follow this police state dictatorship. Anyone that voted for this new bill needs to be arrested and held as a act of treason. When you give the military such power then all is lost. What will stop them from passing more laws and powers. Do you really thing the government cares about you in any way. Our Nation was founded to give the people its power, so our government should fear us. I swore to protect my Country from any enemy, foreign or domestic.

    • You’re right. We are no longer America, ”The Melting Pot.” We are America, ”The Sea of Sharks.”

      What has happened is minority groups have cried discrimination and pulled the race card for so many years that not only were they given full rights, they were overcompensated for and given greater power than any normal American. Now all of these minority groups have taken and taken and forced things upon others that wouldn’t have been forced upon them. It has turned into an all out turf war. I have to be ok with a Mosque down in NY near the 9/11 site but the pledge of allegiance has been taken out of school because it has the word ”god” in it. Not only that but it is now acceptable to not stand for the National Anthem. It’s almost considered a bold statement that is respected.

      All of those aforementioned issues are what is tearing America apart. They should all be crimes. We need to go back to our roots when we were happy and prospering. Decades ago anyone who didn’t stand for the Star Spangled Banner would have been locked up. It should be that way. Don’t come to a country and use it for everything it offers and not pay any respect. Completely ungrateful. Do you say thank you when you get a present on your birthday? Or do you just look at the person and walk away? No respect in America anymore. Selfish sharks

      • Wow. So basically, Jamie is saying we should stop arguing about petty differences and come together. Then Agreed comes in and makes a whole bunch of incredibly racist and downright ignorant comments in response. Agreed, you are totally and completely missing the point.

        • Apparently you are missing the point. Nothing in the previous statement is racist. Speaking the truth of the way the country has acted is racist?

          Here’s a fact. Ohio State University’s Dental school, one of the largest in the nation, has over 1700 applicants each class and only 315 seats. Ohio State as a whole has decided that they want to focus on more African American and Hispanic acceptances than Asians and Whites. White males are now only guaranteed 30% of the seats for that program. I have a friend who is much farther ahead of me who applied with a 3.75 GPA. He went and took his DAT (dental application test) with his African American female friend who had a 3.4 GPA. He scored higher than she did. Not saying she did bad, but he did better. Guess who got accepted. Not him. How is that fair?

          So now we are making people doctors not because of their talents but because of their race. Another story, Dayton, OH was on the news about 4-5 months ago when it was announced that they are throwing out the entrance exam for becoming a police officer and only doing interviews because the state feels there are not enough African Americans on the force. Many were called back who had previously FAILED the test, not even scored high enough to apply and they were hired. A month later a mentally disabled child was maced, hog tied, and throw in the back of a police car while he was playing outside in front of his home. His mother and the neighbors came out trying to explain his condition but the officer wouldn’t listen. His reasoning……”He was disrespecting me.” Because of the child’s disability and its associated speech impediment, the officer thought the child was taunting him, or disrespecting him. A direct result of a failed system.

          Now when referring to Jamie’s ”come together with limited government” post. That is what progressive America has lost sight of. They want government aid around every corner. Some want health care, others want more welfare and unemployment benefits, housing opportunities, tax deductions for the lower 50% (who by the way only pay 2% of America’s income taxes!) This large government involvement is partially responsible for why the Feds have become so powerful to write up bills like this. At this point, we almost have no statehood anymore

          How is this relevant to the aforementioned ”racism” which is the farthest thing from racism I have ever seen. The two stories above I told you about must be racist x20 then, but I don’t consider them to be because it is the truth. I hear many progressives who are anti gun as well as against other constitutional amendments say, ”The constitution was signed in the late 1700’s, it doesn’t apply to modern America.” The sad thing is, the more we have deviated from traditional American traditions and tendencies, the more distant our country has become. Decades ago when immigrants flooded to Ellis island, they came for a better life and all had something to contribute. Now they want to PUSH their beliefs on everyone and some still try and complain of oppression. Many Americans just want things to be like America has been since it was born. Which is having no problem with individual beliefs and traditions. Just as long as they aren’t forced upon anybody.

          Again, minority groups have fought hard in the 2000’s to get many things. The whole PC issue is garbage because it only applies to traditional America, not anyone else. Since those values have been lost, America has come into debt and in constant conflict externally and most importantly, internally. Is it false? Absolutely not. And if you think it’s racist it’s probably only because you think it is coming from a white man…..and you are the exact problem we have keeping us from being united. Have your church, have your holidays, have your clothing….just don’t take MY pledge of allegiance out of MY children’s’ schools, don’t take MY god out of MY national anthem, and don’t take the meaning out of MY holidays. Why does PC say Merry Christmas is wrong, you have to say Happy Holidays? The Holiday is celebrating the birth of Christ. So what F*cking ”Holiday” are you celebrating if you don’t believe in him? Just celebrating because it is winter? And I am not referencing to the Jews either because they do get recognition for having a real holiday during this time of the year and I respect them for that. They have had a tradition and have followed it. Now minority groups who don’t believe in Christmas make me not say it. Absolute BS. These traditions were here long before them, you, me, anybody. Stop trying to take them away. They are ours. It’s what started America. If you don’t like it, leave. But let us have OUR holidays and beliefs, we aren’t hurting you anymore than you are hurting me with your holidays and beliefs……That’s all any American wants and no one is willing to give.

          These are the reasons why we aren’t united. No one can understand this and compromise.

          • Umm… So you know… That holiday would be yule. And as far as people leaving… I say you first. It is NOT YOUR pledge of allegiance. The way you talk you don’t deserve to be called American. So take YOUR happy ass to whatever country might have you. Because I doubt the one your ancestors came from would accept you, and I know that I certainly wouldn’t. You wrap yourself in your self-righteousness and opinions. Your type disgusts me.

  4. im 18 got nothing due to the economy have no way to go to college living beetween friends this bill, or marshall law that is trying to be past shows what the government shows they want you to feel scared to give your rights up so then they can support gentic testing and other crap the government hides and then you wont have any say in it

    • Kyle, let us grownups talk. It is pretty sad that those are your writing skills at the age of 18. You definitely need college.

      So…..Just do what everyone else does. Take out a Federal Student Aid loan. Also file for a couple of grants. Then go to college on the governments dime (my tax dollars). Once you start school, file for unemployment so you can have plenty of beer money and party through college.

      Finally, IF you graduate. Gather in protest and complain to the government that you are poor. Meanwhile you have a brand new iPhone in your hand, taking protest videos, and a nice LCD flat screen TV at home…..but not a cent of that student loan (my tax dollars) are paid back.

      That’s what 80% of the college students participating in the Occupy bullshit have done. It’s the new American way. Take money from others and then complain when you don’t get any more.

      • @Say What: You’re a fucking prick. Give the kid a break, your English skills aren’t so hot either. Try proofreading before posting. Oh, and take that broomstick out of your ass.

      • So, you’re a grown-up huh? I grown-up what? Moron? Willingly ignorant?
        Well, regardless of what it is that you think you are a grown-up of, your viewpoints appear to based on a lot of false premises (actually, almost all of what you posted seems like a pretty twisted perspective based on things you might have been told, but are just plain lies). I support kyle. Well, at least kind-of. I support his right to protest something that he believes is wrong. I support his desire to make accountable the ”privileged”.
        I am part of the 99% (though apparently only like 3% of it). Truthfully, anyone that doesn’t support the occupy movement (at least a little) is apparently a) part of the privileged b) part of the people that the privileged have conned into dragging themselves and everyone else down.

        • Mr. Thomas,

          I have gone down the page and noticed you have been at this thread for some time. Critiquing each comment as you see fit. While I applaud your acknowledgment of civil liberties and freedoms, I do disagree with your comment about the Occupy movement.

          Believe it or not, there are plenty of people who are fed up with this organization (if you can call it that). I witnessed at a local University, students gathering to protest their student loans. How is that justified? Should I protest my mortgage? How about my car loan? I have watched many youtube videos of people from the occupy movement. Many of them are quite humorous but so they are intended to be by the interviewer. Others were pro-Occupy and still didn’t catch my interest. This government/administration is worse than many before it and we, as citizens, are certainly paying for it. But to protest things like corporate greed is a pretty biased argument.

          Let me explain. I watched one video as an Occupier said, ”The top 1% only gets taxes $0.25 to every $1.00 of the American people.” That is so far from the truth that he obviously had no clue. I can’t find current stats but in 2009, the top 1% paid 35% of America’s taxes. The bottom 50% (me included) only paid 2%. How sad is that? Yes they have billions of more dollars than we do, but we have billions of more people than they do. Proportionally, it seems off. The top 1% already pays more than we do and to say, ”they are greedy” just because they are wealthy, isn’t justified. Should they pay more to their employees? Absolutely. Should they hand out any more than they already do to anyone outside of their company? No.

          Students attending college are doing so by choice, not force. It is said all over the media all the time, college almost isn’t worth attending anymore as it will take years to pay off the debt with the small average salary when starting out. Yet many still go; and no shame to them. But to complain of YOUR loan is ridiculous. Instead of these people complaining they have to pay back money that THEY BORROWED, they should acknowledge that those government loans they took out are largely contributing to the nation’s deficit. I feel we should be protesting them to pay back what they owe. Forget the fact that FAFSA is a low interest government loan; seems ungrateful to complain about that.

          To me, from what I have heard and seen, the Occupy movement involves a lot of selfishness and irresponsibility. Yes, our government is extremely flawed right now. But it is not because of corporations who not only pay more taxes than us combined, they are also responsible for many jobs (whatever companies that aren’t overseas).

          As a backround….I am an average middle class citizen, on the lower end of the scale. This year I will stand to make a little under $22k after taxes. Thankfully I have a loving wife who is also employed and helps to pay the bills while I attend college. We have a 3 bedroom house and a dog named Finn. My parents are also middle class, my father is the director of sales for a large private travel agency while my mother is an insurance agent for a private insurance firm. They are on the upper end of the middle class scale. However, striving for the ”American Dream” they invested their entire life savings into opening up a franchise in their city. It started off very well but has long since tapered off. They HOPE to start writing themselves checks in 2012 after 3 years of making nothing off of their investment. They were told that it would take a year or two to start earning profit after paying employees and eating the initial costs of equipment and supplies.

          All that background was for is to prove to you, that we are not privileged. We work very hard for what we have. Yet my family and our friends feel the same as I do and do NOT support the Occupy movement. America truly has less responsibility and work ethics than we once had a few decades ago. Complaining about being broke isn’t going to do anything. Go out and earn it, there are jobs….I know because I have had to look

          • Interesting…
            Your post is wonderful. It explains your position as a ”b” from my previous post. The point in the ”occupy” movement (not an organization, though there was an organization formed to help support the movement), is to make fiscal changes in our system. Once you are able to reach the upper end of the financial system, things start changing. Because you now have considerably more resources coming in than NEED (this is where many trust-fund failures lose it) to go out, you have options. There are many loopholes in the current system that allow you to take advantage of things like buying real estate and then allowing public use (though you still own it), and have to pay next to nothing on it, and get a tax advantage from it. This is just one of MANY options. I know this for a fact, as I take advantage of some of those loopholes myself (I worked my butt off since I was barely a teen). This said, the exact figure that he gave you is most likely incorrect, but certainly not in the wrong neighborhood.
            The fact that you somehow believe that the ”occupy” movement is all about forgiveness of student loans shows that you are just taking what is being fed to you (eg. propaganda). The movement is not complaining about being poor, the movement is about people playing by the same fiscal rules.

            I really believe that you fall into the ”b” category, though, there is a third ”c) Just too ignorant to care” category that I had not thought to mention earlier.

            P.S. Just to be clear, I may not be part of the 1%, but well within the 4%. I work hard, am good at what I do, and have been doing it for a LONG time.

  5. another note what makes money in america and big ones WAR the government is starting a war on its own people to raise money they put them selves in. look up FEMA camps it shows that the government will lock you away to rehibilitate us citizens how do you rehibilitate us citizens in cages and lock away in the cold they are plannng and we need to plan to

    • Kyleeeeee………you need some serious writing skills! Just don’t even type anymore until you learn how to express your thoughts. No one knows what the hell you are saying.

      But this is another prime example of a ’great’ American.

      You complain about being broke and the mean old government not giving you anything but look how educated you are. Did you even finish high school? Or did you go the ’cool’ way and get a GED? That’s some serious 6th grade talent my friend. No wonder you are broke. Who would hire you when you write like that on a job application.

      But it’s not your fault is it?

  6. This website is completely blowing it out of proportion. If you read the bill (and they give you the link above) it says anyone connected to the September 11, 2001 Terrorists attacks and goes on to list that they mean anyone involved in the planning, attacks and/or anyone who harbored someone who had to do with the attacks on the US. This site just wants to scare you.

    • And how are they supposed to determine whether or not you, Don’t Believe Everything Media Says, are NOT involved in the Sept 11 terrorist attacks? That’s the point. Simply because you mention 9/11 could raise a flag and you could find yourself detained indefinitely.

  7. Well said.
    Although I agree there’s a lot of ”panic” in the article, I think Josh is right. Don’t panic. That will just give the gov ”justification” to follow through.
    As for the bill saying ”only terrorist connection” folks are subject, its wording DOES let them do this to ANYONE. Here’s how:
    So, let’s pretend I’m a cop. I’m going to haul in ”don’t believe media guy” for questioning. The bill states its with discretion. So, even though Don’t Believe was NO WHERE NEAR involved, and keeps saying just that, I used my ”discretion” and have ”reason to suspect” I can detain him INDEFINATELY for ”questioning”. No lawyer. No right to remain silent. AAAAND I can do ALL those ”fun” things (stated in the bill) to Don’t Believe to ”get info”. That’s the worry. We KNOW for a FACT that they’ve been erroding our right with some shaddy business for a while now. What makes you think they’re going to ”turn good” and ”look out” for their people now?

  8. People need to realize that this bill is completely outright unconstitutional, and if it even goes into effect, once challenged it will never hold up. We have a Supreme Court for times like these when Congress tries to pass bills like this one. The Supreme Court has already ruled that detaining a civilian in a military prison and trying them in a military court is unconstitutional back in the 1860’s in a case called Ex Parte Milligan. It angers me that people don’t understand that Congress is not the final say on everything. If this bill was passed, it would still be up to the President to enforce it because he is commander-in-chief of the army, and if Obama wants any shot at re-election he won’t even sign this bill, never mind enforce it. Everyone needs to realized there are 3 branches of government, and bills that are just outright unconstitutional will just not stand up against the branch designed to interpret the Constitution.

  9. Will it be challenged? Sure. But anybody who challenges it may be accused of conspiracy against the US and find themselve indefinitly detained. That’s the problem with these sort of liberty killing laws. They give govt way too much power.

  10. What you need to realize is this:

    The U.S government is not here to provide rights to it’s citizens. It exists solely to appease the entities that give it the means to exist. The Fed ( World Bank ) and Corporations enable our government to exist.

    America is a CONSUMER. America does not export goods that other countries need. We are a giant hulking behemoth that is a resource hog. We are the 700 lb gorilla in the room. We have the technology and the means to stop all of the socio-economincal problems that plague this planet but we dont…. why? America thrives off inefficiency and problems and turmoil.

    America needs to keep going to war because we have no other mearns to make money. Defense contractors need a new enemy every day to create weapons to battle…

    Endless war is our policy. The Blue Blood families that exist will go to any means to keep themselves in power….they will kill anyone and untold amounts of human life to keep this process in motion…they do not have any empathy for their actions…. just look at death toll in iraq and afghanistan… tolling over 1 million people….. this is the new age holocaust. If future human civilizations exist they will look back at America as we ”look back” at Germany.

    The human race is a disgrace to organisms.

  11. i think everyone needs to wake up. If this isn’t happening now, it very well could. At this point I trust neither party to protect our Constitutional rights. They are being chipped away again and again. Corporations control us. We will do what they want, or else.

  12. I understand Alexa, and yes, am completely greatful for the separation of powers motif our government is modeled on, however; some of us are still a little thrown off by the obvious attempts of those in power (in this case congress) to try to supress the voices and dissent of Americans against what is quite clearly an abuse of power by so many hands on so many levels in this country. They dont want us waking up too fast, they want to get richer still before they inevitably destroy our country!!!!

  13. First of all, I’d just like to point out that, in the future, the bill can be translated differently to suit their purposes, as it has been done in the past.

    Now that’s out of the way, and I can state that this won’t happen as long a we the people are against it. congress seems to think they have some ridiculous power over the people, when it is us who hire them, it is us who can take them out of office, because we have the right to. We did that with governors in the past, we can certainly change the entire senate if we really wanted to.

    In the most extreme circumstances, we even nave the right to overthrow the government, should the majority of the nation feel that we are no longer america. I think the people at the top need to realize what little power they actually have, and stop trying to take power that’s not theirs to begin with.

  14. I’m not at all surpised. Everybody needs to get some thigh high boots because the s**t is getting deep in this country.

  15. As I read it.. It is indeed explicitly stated in this bill that the measure does not extend to citizens of the United States. However, the impunity seemingly granted by the law to the military for its activities, if they are poorly executed or misguided, deprives the citizens of any substantive guaranties that they will not be ”processed” as enemies of the state just as easily as foreign subjects. This means that persons who are afterwards found to be US citizens, or innocent, or executed mistakenly and whatnot cannot seek justice by pressing charges against mistakes, negligence or excessive force on the part of the military – for reasons that the military is unanswerable for any of its actions by default of this law. The law gives the military authority a green light to do pretty much everything they think expedient without concern for legal consequences of their actions.

      • ”they gona be able”?

        If they did shoot them, it would make my week. I am so tired of this occupy whiny protest bullshit. All these people, probably yourself included, are doing is complaining about not having any money. The teachers are the worst. They pay almost nothing into their pensions and receive a crazy amount. I have a friend who’s mom is a teacher getting close to retirement and her pension is worth $1 Million….and they complain when they don’t get a raise? Many of us this year not only didn’t get a raise, we got a pay cut. Welcome to the REAL WORLD ladies and gentlemen.

        Occupy is fueled by everyone who has feasted off of the money of people like me who have worked hard for years, earning a salary and paying taxes regularly. I have never taken a single check from the government except for a tax return on overpaid taxes; because yes I pay my taxes. So now that you selfish irresponsible ”citizens” have bled us dry, you are feeling our pain. But now because you can’t suck money from anyone else, it’s someone’s fault and you have to go protest about it. Anyone who says finding a job is hard is ridiculous. I have been offered 5 jobs in the past year. One I applied for when I moved and the rest came to me after I was hired, without me even looking for them. It’s only hard for felons and idiots. Or those of you who would rather stay in an expensive city like LA or New York and crowd with everyone else. I don’t think that is anyone else’s fault, is it?

          • 2 were various administrative positions at a couple nearby state Universities. I’m not sure why because although I have done administrative work, nothing with universities…other than attending as a student. As far as the other 3, one was for a local private practice, one at the VA med center, and the 3rd at the local city hospital. My prior work involved training with the CDC, OSHA, and EPA for regulatory compliance standards. In Oklahoma I was in charge of infection control policies and standards for a hospital. Writing and enforcing asepsis policies, performing inspections, following up on any incidents, briefing staff or OSHA/CDC inspectors on any trend statistics or areas of concern.

            If you have seen the movie, ”Contagion” it kind of has to do with some things I work on. Like when she explains every so many seconds some one touches their face, then sneezes, then touches a door knob, then shakes hands, and so on and so on. Those are the things in a hospital setting that have guidelines set in place to prevent the transmission of any potential pathogen. And I’m the one who makes/changes/ updates them. Like getting sinks installed with foot controls instead of handles to turn on the water so staff don’t contaminate their hands touching the handles is a basic example.

            Anyway, much more than you asked for but I am a little wired tonight so I’m hoping to fall asleep soon.

            My point is, those 2 university positions were way out of my normal line of duty and I’m not even sure how or why they chose me. The other 3 are obvious why I would be sought to work. The private practice just wanted someone with experience to take a look at their written policies for correctness and make updates because they were getting a OSHA inspector visit soon and that’s an inspectable item.

            It’s not hard getting a job. If you can’t get one, you’re in the wrong city or you are undesirable for one reason or another. I have felt I worked hard during my life. But there have also been points where I was a lazy POS. Either way, I’ve never had trouble finding work and I don’t just think I’m ’lucky’.

      • I do not know what the definition of impunity is operative in this law. Generally, impunity means ”exemption from punishment or loss or escape from fines”. ”the impossibility, de jure or de facto, of bringing the perpetrators of violations to account – whether in criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary proceedings – since they are not subject to any inquiry that might lead to their being accused, arrested, tried and, if found guilty, sentenced to appropriate penalties, and to making reparations to their victims.”

        Diplomatic immunity: from wiki

        In January 1997, in the U.S., the Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Georgia, Gueorgui Makharadze, caused an accident that injured four people and killed a 16-year-old girl. He was found to have a blood-alcohol level of 0.15% but was released from custody because he was a diplomat.

  16. Wut? This website isn’t even U.s. based. I believe this bill has been completely misconstrued for the purpose of this outlandish article. Tell me, for what reason exactly would the U.S institute marshal law at this point in time? There isn’t a legitimate reason. This is total garbage and propaganda. Why don’t you guys like study outer space or something instead of being conspiracy obsessed and so overly pessimistic. It is much more rewarding,
    K thx Ken!

  17. So tell me, instead of ranting on here, or demonstrating in the streets. Who can do what to fix our problems in congress?

  18. This website is complete horseshit hahhahahhahah. Clearly not a reliable source for information… I will commend whoever made it though… you’ve got a lot of time on your hands!

      • It’s actually not. This article took a small bit of the REAL bill and exaggerated it times one billion. It won’t pass anyway.

        It’s quite obvious you believe in EVERYTHING the media tells you.

        • Exactly >.>…. the article doesn’t even have the quote from the bill, let alone a summary of what it says. It is pretty general on what it says.

  19. Once again King Hussein Obama slides another bill under the door of the senate and congress. Fro the last three years, he has done nothing but turn this country upside down, and inside out. One more step toward the communist doctrine that we have fought and died to keep away from our front doors. And guess what, King Hussein Obama just rammed it down our throats. I hope all you people that voted for this person are happy with the change he is bringing around, because you are the ones who will pay the price of loosing everything to a Totalitarian Government. Take a long look at what you have now, because if this bill becomes law, you will have nothing left. Me, I intend to fight for my freedom, and if I have to, I’ll die for it.

    • Don, this bill has nothing to do with Obama. It’s driven by Republican representatives, and Obama has threatened to veto it, which I sincerely hope and trust he will. That is, he is against this kind of totalitarian measure. The Patriot Act (the beginning of restricting our Bill of Rights in same way as this bill) was created by the Bush regime.

    • Don,

      I hate to admit it but azas is right. I don’t know wtf prompted this but it was an awful decision. But yes, Obama still sucks. He still hasn’t stopped the war like he promised he would within 12 months of his inauguration. He still followed in Bush’s footsteps and has put us in greater debt and spent more in 1 term than bush did in 2 terms. He still hasn’t created any jobs. And he still is prancing around promoting his Green campaign instead of giving the ”Green” light to start drilling and begin putting BILLIONS in America’s pockets.

  20. This is an outrage!
    What is happening now has been referred to as ”time for the Jews to get out of Germany.” Only, who is the target? Any ”terrorist” right? Well, I hate to break it to everyone but terrorism is an idea and no matter how badly we want it to disappear it wont. Because ideas are born in people. Until EVERY person is dead the idea wont disappear either. And who, according to ”America” is a terrorist anyway? It is anyone who threatens to destroy the way we currently enjoy living. Who is currently threatening that?! The main culprit is not a turban-headed moslem. Not even a foreigner. No, it is our own representatives and senators. This country was founded on the idea that the people would be in control, that the people should not be afraid of the government but the government should be afraid of the people. What happened to the American ideal? When did the government loose sight of what America is? I have an answer for that too. It is like Thomas Jefferson himself feared: ”America will be great until it learns that they can vote themselves money.” This whole conundrum that the US gov. is putting us through is solely based on greed. And it is time for the truly humble to step in and take there place and for the REAL terrorists to be put behind bars, exactly where they voted themselves to be… without trial.

  21. Obama Won’t Veto the NDAA because he doesn’t have to… an amendment passed including language that takes indefinite detention off the table for citizens or any other persons….

    Why can’t you find a news report about this? Am I looking in the wrong places? I had to go look this up myself… and I’m no wonk.

    On December 1, 2011 all but 7 senators voted for the NDAA with the indefinite detention provisions. A few minutes later the following amendment was inserted and passed 99:1

    Nothing in this section shall be construed to affect existing law or authorities, relating to the detention of United States citizens, lawful resident aliens of the United States or any other persons who are captured or arrested in the United States.

  22. Now it is up to O”bomb”a to veto it. Certainly the Congressmen would not want their children and grandchildren to live under such a dictatorship (one would think) – regardless what kickbacks and or monetary prizes thrown to them from the bowels of hell for their votes right?

    • Madaleine,

      Americans will never ”run” anywhere. We aren’t like you Europeans who run from every controversy that comes our way.

      We always prevail. This economy and current state are very rough waters and may take decades to get past. But even if a civil war starts, we will never flee.

      But let us know if you guys are unable to solve anymore problems that you would like America to fix for you. Then you can act ungrateful about it years later, like it never happened.

      …..Silly Euros who think America cares what they think about us. Their lives are so worthless they can’t keep their mind off of us.

  23. I believe I prevailed in the Federal case over my Hiroshima day arrest for being in the public right of way where the nukes came from (USDC Complaint No. C03-3665 SBA Oakland Div.) and it didn’t apparently get me killed, yet either…

  24. im sorry when did dictatorship become part of the senate? when did they become what they souly thought they were getting rid of? thank you for putting sadem ,sadem bin ladden ,omar kadafi in the drivers seat of destruction of the united states!!!! thanks tp the striking of the match by sadem bin ladden by hitting the world trade centers and the pentigon the U.S senate is nothing but scared little cowards be brave and stand up for your country do not spit in the eye of America for as we that fought for freedom of opression of dictatorship from the british in the thirteen colinies and to put us back from which we come from the start of a new hypocracy dictatorship should be fighting words for every natural and unnatural red blooded American like the flag says ”DON`T TRED ON ME”!!!! the U.S constitution will stand for liberty freedom and justic for all. to sever the bill of rights is to destroy not only our heritage but our rights as a free country to have rights. and if the senate passes this may they rot and forever burn in hell as god as their witness – amen

  25. this article is an outright lie. there is nothing in this bill even close to what the article says. if so i challenge you to list the subtitle and section. the only people that need to be afraid of this are terrorist.

  26. The declaration of independence grants us, the citizens, the power to over turn the government if it gets to be out of hand. The founding fathers saw this coming.

  27. @showme
    SEC. 1034. (4) Pg 571 Line 9-13 of HR1540 (currently being resolved of differences with S1867, in preperation for either signature by the president, or Overturn by the 77% of the House of Reps and the 90% of the Senate which supported it, since it only needs 66% to be able to be forced into passage without Presidential signature.)

    9 the President’s authority pursuant to the
    10 Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law
    11 107–40; 50 U.S.C. 1541 note) includes the authority
    12 to detain belligerents, including persons described in
    13 paragraph (3), until the termination of hostilities.

    In short, it declares the ability to detain any person who is deemed to be an enemy of the state, according to the declaration under the ’War on Terrorism”, as an enemy belligerent, indefinitely without trial until the cessation of hostilites against ’terror’.
    Notice it does not say ”limited to persons described in paragraph (3)” but rather says ”including…”

  28. shalom

    first obama is not muslim, second he is converted to judaisme since he practiced our religion. thist seems american are stupid not to understand the gravity of what is coming to them. you will soon face civil war too.

    • You are absolutely right. We honestly will face a civil war before my life is over.

      And the generations of people that made America the most powerful and richest country in the world many decades ago, will be the last people standing.

      There’s a reason those type of people were once and will again be in charge. And all of those who complained, have finally ruined everything they were given. I’m not talking about race, either, I’m talking about mentality. A certain type of people were the most powerful and smartest men in America. People cried and called them corrupt and racist. Well once the ’people’ had their over powered freedom, they ruined this country. I mean absolutely ruined it. I thank today’s generation of 18-40 year olds. You are America’s cancer. (not all of you, just the liberals and the liberal leaning progressives)

      I CAN’T WAIT! It will be such a better place when the filth is washed away.

      ***You can’t even argue with what I said either. Were we or were we not the greatest nation in the world many decades ago? What was the typical American religious and political belief? Now how does America run? And what is our financial and social state? You can’t fight the facts. It has officially played out, there’s no denying it. You all did a great job.***

  29. If you truly believe you have ”rights” you’re sadly mistaken. Once again, history, folks, is THE most important subject and points us to lessons most Americans are sadly negligent of. Ask the *Americans* of Japanese descent how well their ”rights” served them when they were hoarded up like animals and locked up in concentration camps. Wasn’t so long ago that happened. They had ”rights” and it did little good. George Carlin was and is right; we don’t have rights, but privileges, and they remain so until the evil empire just takes them away. Get ready, cuz the big hurt is upon us, and with Europe roiling away, the ticking time bomb is set. It’s just a matter of time, and believe me, if you thought 2008 was wild, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  30. Whoever the Senator or Legislator was that introduced this Bill should be prosecuted for Treason to these United States. Our Military Leadership is held under oath to protect the Constitution/ us from all enemies of this Country Foreign & Domestic. This person or these people are no doubt enemies of these United States of America. Outrageous

    • David, this is why your country sucks and ours is great. This is why your country can’t stop focusing and talking about us.

      No one cares about you and your little worthless country. Oh you have some nice monuments? Neat! NO ONE IN THE WORLD CARES ABOUT YOU!!!! That is why you focus on us so much to write shit like that.

      Face it, we will always be better than you. Even if our entire country loses all of its money, has no power, and has to eat out of trash cans…..we are still better than you.

      You’re a queer. Nice name, ”David.” In America, men are called ’Dave’. Homosexuals are called David. But I guess that is why you are pledging your allegiance to fags.

      Have fun plugging butt holes you poop dick waste of life

    • Michael,

      Do you even know what this bill is about? Why do you European faggets continue to focus so much on America. Oh, I know! Because your lives are pointless. We are so interesting to you and your lives are so dull that you can’t stop talking about us. Seriously, your biggest event out there is soccer… AKA Football. Soccer in America gets no attention because it’s boring as hell. Yet it is still a huge hit in Europe. Watching some dudes running around on a field for 90 minutes to watch a tie game 0-0. Again, pointless….just like your lives.

      You just said, ”YOU FUCKED IT AGAIN FOR EVERYBODY!” This Bill has nothing to do with anyone but people in America. So who did we, ”Fucked it”? No one in the entire world besides those living in America are impacted by this.

      So yet again, Europeans embarrass themselves because their lives are so empty and pitiful that they can’t stop focusing on someone else. You couldn’t even take the time to figure out what this was about and went ahead and spoke out anyway. Now you look stupid because your comment has no relevancy. But Europe has always looked stupid. Since America had to save your ass in WWII. We should have left all of you queers to live under Hitlers rule. None of you gay boys would be alive. Our mistake….we did, ”Fucked it again for everybody!” back then.

  31. Though I can not deny that things are changing… This article is over exagerating. Have you noticed that it only paraphrases bits and pieces of the amendment? ” ending the bill of rights”? Come on. Violating maybe. But that was an unneeded exageration

  32. I think that anyone whom does not inform themselves regarding this matter by actually reading the 926 pages of this bill should realize that not only is it our right to be informed, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to be informed. Don’t just be lazy and let someone else do the interpreting for you, actually take the time to at least read the section titles (i.e. table of contents) in order to narrow your search, find the section you think contains pertinent information, open another tab with on it to ensure your translation of the legal jargon is accurate, and ensure the information has been interpreted correctly on your own. The saddest thing we can do as citizens with the right to access this kind of information is become blinded sheep following a Shepard who incorrectly interprets this information for us.

  33. it’s soooo boring to keep reading how this is Obama’s doing! one really does not have to step back too far to really see the big picture here, and it’s not any one person or any one party doing this. you honestly think that once Obama is out of office, everything will return to freewheeling good times and freedom and jobs for all? anyone that believes that has to be so utterly moronic that they WILL NOT wake up until they themselves are being carted off to a prison during a Republican’s term in office!

    it’s really terribly sad… BUT, this is the exact reason that this stuff is happening now and why it will not stop: because there are still a lot of people that are convinced that their side is better! Sadly juvenile perspective!! well, I got news for you: the Controllers are in both parties and NO parties.

    • It’s not that that the current state of America was started by Obama. We started hurting years ago when Clinton send major mfg companies overseas. Then Bush set us up for failure with his wonderful presidency. However, Bush set it up….Obama ran us straight into the ground.

      No one argues that as soon as Obama is gone, things will be better. It’s the fact that even after Bush’s shitty job, he has put MORE debt and spent MORE money his first term than Bush did in 2.

      As far as jobs go, that should have been Obama’s greatest focus during his presidency. He has not created any jobs for anyone. The final nail in the coffin for me is that he not only hasn’t created jobs, he is trying to hurt the job market even more by selling out our country by promising illegals amnesty all for votes. It’s extremely selfish. Both party’s political news commentators have said, Obama KNOWS he is not a good President for America and is not very popular. Because of this, he is scheming for the Hispanic vote. He is literally selling us out just so he can be president again. Even though he knows, we know, and he knows we know that he is not a good economist nor has any good foreign policies. He passed over the drilling for oil which would have brought in Billions to America and instead tried to push his Go Green trash.

      It has been said and might be true, he is one of the US worst presidents ever.

  34. Bullshit. They can have you elect any puppet they want, why would they needs dictatorship? Really, you people fell for the emptiest of promises. ”Hope and chane”, come on these are place holders not even complete slogans.

    ”we need something that signifies hope, you know to convey the people voting for our candidate will bring change”

    ”eh, what about ’hope and change’ ”

    ”don’t be an idiot”

    ”no aim serious, people have an attention span of a few seconds, they’ve been dumbed down sufficiantly by mass media for this to work. We should try.”

    ”you know son, you may be on to something…”

  35. i was judged on my grammer earlier wtf america is that what its all about to judge hope you like being judged in a cell and ass rapped im leaving god help us all

    • It’s because you logged on here, Kyle, and began whining about how you can’t pay your bills but weren’t even articulate enough to make any sense. Do you think you are the only one with bills? No one on here complains about bills, it’s a given. Some complain about jobs, others complain about rights; political things. Bills are not politics; they’re responsibilities. Yes the poor economy affects your bills but basically it was like saying, ”I looked up at the sky today and it was blue. The sky was blue!” ….Except with terrible grammer

      Yes, we know. We ALL know.

      But in all seriousness….really learn how to write, man. For an 18 year old….that’s bad.

      I do love, however, when you try to sound all moral in the beginning of your post and then show your true immature 18 year old colors when you start talking about ass rape.

      Nicely done Cryle

  36. wow – some of you have been hitting the propagandad pipe HARD.

    bit of advice for those of you making political rants… If you come across as an illiterate fuck who can’t even be bothered to spell check – no one will take you seriously.

    The back-woods thinking some of you are showing is pretty sad.

    • ”If you come across as an illiterate fuck who can’t even be bothered to spell check – no one will take you seriously.”
      does that count for the propagandad pipe, too?

  37. Well, way to go US!! I wonder; does this bill that our ”Government” is trying to pass limited to just us ”po” folks and old people ??? Or does include even the wealthiest citizens too? Further more, while I am at it; WTFs next? Everybody and Anybody that has any common sense left watch your back, you never know ”Who” is doing what now a days.Makes you think that you should watch what you write on the computer or say out loud in public, Ohhhhhhhhhh wait, I am on the computer, that’s right come get me guys. When it comes down to it I have only my father to answer to. In all I’m not shakin’ in my shoes and they will never see me sweat!

  38. The sad thing here is that barely any of you read the bill. It’s honestly mostly budgeting and the normal military guidelines.

  39. ”Mostly”, Rick. That’s the key word. Did you read these sections?

    Subtitle C—Intelligence Matters
    Sec. 921. Expansion of authority for exchanges of mapping, charting, and geo-
    detic data to include nongovernmental organizations and aca-
    demic institutions.
    Sec. 922. Facilities for intelligence collection or special operations activities
    Sec. 923. Ozone Widget Framework.
    Sec. 924. Plan for incorporation of enterprise query and correlation capability
    into the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise.
    Subtitle D—Cybersecurity Matters
    Sec. 931. Strategy to acquire capabilities to detect previously unknown cyber
    Sec. 932. Program in support of Department of Defense policy on sustaining
    and expanding information sharing.

  40. There is no need to get so upset over this. There is no need to worry. The day that the military starts shooting people is the day that we can start talking like this and fighting back but until then we need to have faith in our government and elect the right people who will revise these laws if there are any flaws to them. We also need to read the actual information instead of getting it from a ”news” source.

    • You need to wake up fast. Do not have faith in your government, because it is not for the people. It only serves the few in the elite. It is a ruthless machine that cares about money, not the people, sadly.

    • The longer we wait to act the less time we have to make changes the time is now the people need to unite because the government is no longer looking out for their people they’re only looking out for them selves they crave power and power only breeds destruction and fear in those who get in the way of the people who hunger for it, when individuals optain power they are consumed by it power should be controlled by the people as a whole not by 1 man or a group of men who only seek power for there own gain but! Ask yourself what are you to your government? what power do you have over them & power they have over you? Open your mind!

    • Well, since I disagree with their policies, I apparently could be considered their enemy. Forget that I am an American citizen. Forget that I believe in due process… Actually, don’t forget that. Don’t EVER forget that. Due process (or lack thereof) is EXACTLY why this sickens me.


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