Manifestation for Freedom and Truth in Stockholm – Small but Positive and Energetic


COVID TIMES. The people that took part at the event in Stockholm on the first of May are generally critical of the corona restrictions, risky experimental vaccines, the expansion of globalism, and diminishing democratic values.

The commons goals are freedom of speech, free debate (all relevant perspectives must be represented), press freedom (no censorship), medical freedom (no forced vaccinations), health freedom (available alternative medical treatment for everyone), the aim for the best solutions (whatever they may be), knowledge (instead of disinformation) and the practice of genuine science (since science never should be politicized).

The Swedish political commentator Oisín Cantwell at Aftonbladet could not hold back his horses and called the protesters for cuckoos in his column: “What if the cuckoos get it right?”. The general message of his piece is, don’t trust these people, or something along those lines. The establishment is trying to keep its foothold.

People are becoming stronger as they get together to fight along for the same goals, said one participator. People from all walks of life are in the making of a new type of including grassroots movement.

 Reporter: Aga Wilson, NewsVoice. Text and video: Torbjorn Sassersson.

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Luis Loureiro
Luis Loureiro
11 oktober 2021 kl 19:40

Oisín Cantwell is 100% pro-establishment in whatever he writes. This is the way it always has been. Free speech is almost gone and soon democracy will also be. In the middle ages, oppression happened due to those in charge claiming God-given rights to do whatever they did. If we look at what is happening for instance in France and in Australia it is practically the same. Total oppression.

The Yellow vests have been demonstrating for more than a year with hardly any coverage from the media. The brutality of the repression in Catalunya’s referendum was a reminder of Franco also not reported.

Australian police handcuffing and putting on the ground pregnant women are also hardly ever mentioned. But if the same or less happens in Russia or Byelorussia then it is amplified by the media 1000 times. What is going on? privatization of news media? Total brainwash of the populations?

Erik Wiklund
Erik Wiklund
4 maj 2021 kl 08:29

Protest when it is at its best – but this one is in Swedish: Whisky i en bar – YouTube

Torbjörn Sassersson red.
3 maj 2021 kl 10:05

Only comments in English after articles in English, please. / Editor, NewsVoice

Torbjörn Sassersson red.
3 maj 2021 kl 09:01

Swedish Socialistic Government Failed to Stop their own Democratic and Traditional May 1 Manifestation…so to speak.