Deplorable living conditions for prisoners in Africa

African Governments, Institutions and the Africa Union Human Rights Commission have to improve the living conditions for prisoners in Africa

Examine ”EU vs Disinfo” and ”Three things you should know about RT and Sputnik”

The psychological warfare organisation East Stratcom Task Force announced on September 11 2017 they launched their new web site called EU vs Disinfo. The current top story is "Three things you should know about RT and Sputnik". NewsVoice decided to republish the article but with one important change, the...

EU East Stratcom: Russia is twisting the WWII narrative

EU East Stratcom is complaining about Russia's narrative on the ending of World War II and the German Reich. In the US version the Americans saved Europe and the World, but the Russians claim they halted, pushed back and severely weakened the Germans from the East. Many other countries contributed...

EU East StratCom: ”Syria attack: a predictable disinformation strategy”

StratCom is addressing the recent chemical incident in Syria. NewsVoice publishes the review in order to stimulate debate and to correct possible speculations in error.

Cameroon – Drastic Shutdown of Bamenda – Turns into Ghost Town

Bamenda has been declared ghost town. People are abducted, kidnapped, raped, torture and killed and nothing is done to stop these cruel actions.

Angry Foreigner – ”Sweden is what happens when you make political correctness the state religion”

Angry Foreigner talar fritt i om vad han anser om immigrationen, kulturkrockar, bostadskrisen och den svenska politiken.

Lilian Neg: Southern Cameroon – 55 years of marginalization bursts into riots

Clashes have occured between the Government and population in the South West (Buea) in Southern Cameroon and North West (Bamenda), the two English regions of the country.

Lilian Neg: Terrorism aimed at the Rich World stem from injustice and powerty

People often talk about terrorism to describe barbaric acts that some men carry out in the world to defend religious, political or ideological causes. It is an extreme use of violence towards civilians, unarmed innocent people, with the aim of promoting a group or a cause. It's very difficult...