Dr. Robert Malone, own work

Dr. Robert Malone: Resist. The Time is Now!

The underlying truths of the grossly mismanaged globally coordinated response to the COVID-19 outbreak are becoming increasingly apparent to common citizens throughout the world. By...
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Cancer patients with high vitamin D levels live longer

SCIENCENORWAY. "The risk of dying from cancer is more than 2.5 times higher in patients with low vitamin D levels compared to patients who...
Aga Wilson and Tom Lausen, own works

Tom Lausen and Aga Wilson Discuss the Explosion of Sudden Deaths...

Data analyst Tom Lausen joins Aga Wilson to discuss the gold standard of data, including his recent findings in the German Health Insurance database...
Creating an amazing event Foto: John Mark Smith Licens:

Creating an Amazing Event Invitation in 2021

Creating an Amazing Event Invitation in 2021 and hosting an event in the UK can be an highly demanding task, and an event is...
Dr Joseph Mercola. Pressfoto

Dutch Farmers Rise Up Against Food System ‘Reset’

The Netherlands is currently in an uproar over the government's decision to reduce the number of livestock by 30% in an effort to halve...
Cloudseeding - San Francisco, USA, 4 januari 2014

Claim: Desperate Geoengineering Project Attempts to Stop Global Warming

  "After receiving more than 70, 000 hits on YouTube, the video of Russ Tanner’s recent interview with Dane Wigington, “The Most Important Topic For...
Vaccinspruta. Foto: Mika Baumeister. Licens:

NaturalNews: How Big Pharma hides vaccine dangers

"In a recent piece for, Markus Heinze takes a closer look at the faulty methodology behind vaccine safety studies, explaining to his readers...
Linda Karlström. Foto: SVT Play

Government of Sweden to Stand Trial for Persecuting Vaccine Sceptics

PUBLIC SERVICE. "I wanted to believe that they were genuine. They said they were vaccine sceptics and wanted to do a documentary about it....