Michael Yeadon. Photo: Konrad Wallenrod. Image processing: NewsVoice.se

Are We Being Depopulated? – Michael Yeadon, PhD and Life Science...

GEOPOLITICS. It's almost incomprehensible, the notion of a "deep state world government" executing an agenda aiming at saving the world from human-caused pollution and...
Julia Holter - Photo: Juliashammasholter.com

Julia Holter – Gold Dust Woman

Julia Shammas Holter (1984-) is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, composer, and artist, based in Los Angeles. Following three independent album productions, Holter released...
Ben Swann, 10 sep 2019. Foto: TruthinMedia.com

Fauci Lied To Congress About Gain-of-Function Research

 Fauci Lied To Congress - Powered by ise.media Source: Ben Swann, ICE Media och Thuth in Media
Martin Armstrong, own work

Martin Armstrong on a Coming Population Crisis and Planetary Cool Down

WORLD ECONOMY. The economist forecaster Martin Armstrong makes some grim statements when asked what he thinks about a Deagel forecast that predicts a drop...
Nate Doromal. Private photo

The Vaccine Passport Dilemma Part 1: How the Vaccine Passport Exacerbates...

OPINION. We all want to get back to normal. The Biden administration said we can “get back to normal by Christmas” if we get...
Jon Rappoport. Original photo: Nomorefakenews.com. Processed by NewsVoice.se

Jon Rappoport: Covid vaccine can worsen disease – Study

FACT CHECK & DEBATE. “COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not...
Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

57 Top Scientists and Doctors: Stop All Covid Vaccinations

A group of 57 leading scientists, doctors, and policy experts has released a report calling in to question the safety and efficacy of the...
Jesper Johansson grips 1:a maj 2021. Foto: Jesper Johansson

Swedish Police Assault Reporter – May 1 manifestation in Stockholm

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wY5dYZijEE8   On Saturday, May 1, a covid restriction-critical demonstration was held in the central parts of Stockholm, Sweden. Journalist Jesper Johansson documented the event on...