Academics’ rejected from conference due to parapsychology

An extraordinary spat has broken out after a Nobel prizewinning physicist was "uninvited" from a forthcoming conference because of his interest in the paranormal. Last week, any veneer of serenity was shattered. Conference organiser Antony Valentini, research associate in the Theoretical Physics Group at Imperial College London, wrote to three participants to say their invitations had been withdrawn.

James Randi and his One Million Dollar Challenge fraud

For years a debunker and illusionist by the name James Randi has announced his ”One Million Dollar Challenge” as his ultimate argument against all...

Movie: The Scientist (Out of Body Experiences)

A reclusive physicist creates an infinite-energy machine in his basement that changes his life and all those around him. Directed by Zach Lebeau.

New Scientist explain away the out-of-body experience too easily

A science writer for New Scientist October 13, 2009 reports on the latest research on claimed malfunctioning brains causing out-of-body experiences but fails to explain all related phenomena by simply not mentioning them. We have seen the same pattern in earlier history of science.

Torbjörn Sassersson i TV-debatt mot Christer Sturmark ordförande i Humanisterna

Föreningen Humanisterna utlyser tävlingen "Kristallkulan" och 100,000 kr till den som kan bevisa ett paranormalt fenomen, men utmaningen är en ren provokation gentemot kvacksalvare enligt deras ordförande Christer Sturmark.

Jill Bolte Taylors slaganfall fick existentiella, filosofiska och vetenskapliga konsekvenser

En ofattbar upplevelse med både djup och höjd "drabbade" denna hjärnforskare under ett slaganfall. Jill Bolte Taylor som är neurobiolog fick uppleva en stroke från första parkett på "insidan" medan det hände.

Hungary explores a new path to form a conscious society

The workshop took place during two days (Dec 8-9, 2007) at the Institute of Strategic Research in a small town called Nagykovácsi on the Buda-side near Budapest.

“Parapsychology – The Forbidden Research”

Universities downplay research on all things paranormal for the benefit of studies in psychology on why people want to "believe in strange things".


The French Revolution – A Script for the Corona Coup

DEBATE. In an interesting mail conversation between a person named MS and the economist Martin Armstrong, MS is trying...