”Observe the Moon Night”

This Saturday night people will be gathering in groups around the world to examine Earth's nearest celestial neighbor as part of the first ever International Observe the Moon Night.

Official: NASA Must Evolve Alongside Commercial Spaceflight

NASA needs to evolve for the future, not get stuck in the past, the agency's deputy chief said this week.

Stirling 500 MW Solar Power Plant

Solar radiation account for most of the available renewable energy on Earth. Only a minuscule fraction of the available solar energy is used. But there are solutions.

Solar Energy Stirling Engine Demo

A solar Stirling Engine takes advantage of the fact that concentrated sunlight is a fantastic heat source, and as such can be used to generate electricity more efficiently than photovoltaic solar panels

Bendable solar cell panels on market 2011

Solar company Global Solar introduced a line of flexible solar modules that are designed for flat commercial rooftop buildings. The modules are quicker to install and lighter.

BBC: Mars may not be lifeless

Carbon-rich organic molecules, which serve as the building blocks of life, may be present on Mars after all, say scientists - challenging a widely-held notion of the Red Planet as barren.

Cymatics: Patterns based on frequencies

The higher the frequency the more complex the pattern becomes. One can only imagine what noise does to our bodies and how music shapes our hearts. And what about mandalas?

Solar cells for windows

A professor who invented low-cost solar cells that may be incorporated into energy-producing windows has been awarded the Millennium Technology Prize.

Are you a caveman?

Matching Neandertal DNA against our own has the potential to reveal genetic changes that help define who we are.

Sitter minnet utanför hjärnan?

Efter tiotals år av undersökningar kan vetenskapsmän fortfarande inte förklara varför inte någon del av hjärnan verkar ansvara för att lagra minne. Medan många tror...


John Perkins’ Special Report on the current US threat against Iran

John Perkins, author of "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" question if Iran planted bombs on the sides of two...