1. Obama needs to veto this, this is a wholesale selling of our country to the .1 percent so that they can recreate their slave state. Vote out your congressmen that voted for this.

  2. America is bound and blindfolded, now about to be gagged by the authorities we put into place. When did Americans lose control? When did we forget that this is OUR country, not the political figures, not the governments. When did we forget that we have the power to stand up to this, that we have the control, that we have the vote. It’s time for American citizens to stand up to this, to put up a resistance against an out-of-control government. Sounds like this whole country needs to watch V for Vendetta.

  3. Oh, yea… V for Vandetta. I am so glad that we can just blow something up to solve the problem :/

  4. We (the 1%) have no hope of winning a war of physical force against the overwhelming power of the US military. This is still a country of laws, and it is by this means only that we can hope to force the 99% to at the very least uphold the Constitution.


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