Editorial office

Torbjorn Sassersson (Sweden) founded NewsVoice in 2011. Sanja R. Juric is interim editor-in-chief. Connected to NewsVoice there is a group of freelance writers. NewsVoice started as a blog but was transformed into a registered net publication launched in April 2011 on the domain NewsVoice.se.

Contact: editor [at] newsvoice.se

Editorial policy


  • disseminates news and promotes a free debate,
  • mirrors mainstream talking points but also a paradigm shift in the world,
  • gives space for alternative viewpoints and clues for interesting reporting,
  • is looking for solutions to seemingly eternal problems in current society,
  • is not politically correct and therefore hopefully closer to the truth,
  • analyzes to build puzzles to gain bird perspectives for the readers and
  • makes no big difference between writers and readers. We all are explorers.