RT: US agency wants to ignore FOIA requests, in Americans’ best interests


    RT. The US Department of the Interior seeks to reserve the right to ignore any FOIA requests from the public that it deems too “burdensome” to fulfil. The move amounts to censorship and is a crackdown on transparency, critics argue.

    Claiming that it is overwhelmed by the volume of requests from journalist and the general public, the Department of the Interior proposed revising the regulations on processing records under the Freedom of Information Act.

    “The bureau will not honor a request that requires an unreasonably burdensome search or requires the bureau to locate, review, redact, or arrange for inspection of a vast quantity of material,” the proposed new rule reads, adding that the modification is necessary to “best serve our customers.”

    By RT, republished


    1. Intressant. Myndigheter, inte bara i USA, blir alltmer hemlighetsfulla och arbetar dolt och ökar distansen mellan innevånarna och de så kallade ”valda” makthavarna. Dessutom vet vi allt mindre vem dom verkliga makthavarna i den djupa staten är, vad dom planerar, arbetar och hur man vill genomföra globaliseringen. Bilderberg och Trilaterala kommissionen bar exempel.


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