Senator Rand Paul Slams Deep State Practise in Washington

publicerad 7 december 2018
- av NewsVoice
Sanator Rand Paul Dec 4 2018. Photo from C-Span video

Senator Rand Paul and his Senate colleagues were excluded from a briefing with the CIA Director Gina Haspel concerning the killing of Saudi reporter Jamal Khashoggi. Paul complains that the Deep State has too much influence during a press statement on Tuesday.

The only people allowed into the Khashoggi briefing were a few select lawmakers from the Senate Armed Services Committee, Foreign Relations Committee and the Intelligence Committee.

"I think the very definition of the deep state is when the intelligence communities withhold information from Congress. Today there's a CIA briefing going on right now for which most rank and file Senator and Congressman have been excluded." - Senator Rand Paul

By NewsVoice