Remote Viewing – filmer, träning, inspiration på webben



Gene Balmain: RV Targets

Wayne Carr:

The Ingo Swann Database

Remote Viewing Random Coordinate Generator

Mycket bra allt-om-CRV-site


Dojopsi forum

Remote Viewing and Dowsing

What Remote Viewing Tells Us About UFOs

Joe McMoneagle’s RV demonstrationer för TV

Hella Hammid demonstrats remote viewing

Documentary: The Real X-Files

Joe McMoneagle, Remote Viewing Workshop

Remote Viewing an Abduction with Ed Dames’s RV team
Part 1:
Part 2:

Vetenskapliga bevis (evidens) på ESP och det paranormala

Local Sidereal Time (LST)

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9 mars 2011 kl 02:32

THANK YOU! Very much for listing my site.

I wish I had more time to update it.. I really want to add video targets, People targets (using a photo) as well as many “Text” based event targets.

At some point I will get the site updated.

Remember.. It took Joe McMoneagle years to develop his “World Class” Remote Viewing Psychic skills.

My 5000 image target engine can help the student practice. So rather than spend many Thousands of dollars on elite RV Classes. IMHO, all you need is a few books (listed on my site) and to “Self Teach” yourself to become a “World Class” remote viewer just like Joe McMoneagle.

Practice Practice Practice!


En bättre vän
En bättre vän
4 mars 2011 kl 12:43

Bra jobbat med sajten och kämpa på med att sprida informationen som många varken förstår eller vågar tro på. Tack för en bra sajt. Remote Viewing är verkligen intressant och spännande. 🙂