Dennis Kucinich en av de få amerikanska politikerna av det rätta virket?

publicerad 26 oktober 2011
- Torbjörn Sassersson red.

Videoupptagning från kandidatutfrågningen 15 november 2007 inför presidentvalet 2008. Dennis Kucinich har sedan dess stått fast vid sina åsikter utan att vackla. Nedan hans senaste inlägg i debatten hämtad från hans hemsida den 7 oktober 2011.

Dear Friend,

Ten years ago today, America began the war in Afghanistan. While I voted to defend our country, I have always led the fight against the license President Bush took to continue the war. We’ve been in Afghanistan longer than we had ground troops in Vietnam; the war has continued longer than the Revolutionary War.

Afghanistan remains a nightmare. We must vigorously seek peace and reject the notion of unending and inevitable war. It may be politically convenient to just continue this conflict – to pass the buck and wait another day, another month, another year. This is shortsighted, and it has proved disastrous for our brave service men and women, the people of Afghanistan, and the millions of Americans who have been left behind by our war centric mentality.

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Dennis Kucinich

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