How Much Does Food Matter?

publicerad 21 oktober 2011
- Shervin Boloorian

David Wolfe is a best selling author and nutrition expert with 20 plus years of health, wellness and diet experience to his name. An American national who founded an international Longevity Conference in the US and featured in the hit documentary film, Food Matters, Wolfe will travel to Sweden this month (October 20-21) to deliver his first ever seminars here.

Shervin BoloorianI was granted an exclusive pre-Holy Flow tour interview with Wolfe. This is the Final part of a three part interview, which was shared with segment by segment.


Shervin: How can food possibly raise your health intelligence?

David Wolfe: We can get stuck in the same old patterns of life that our friends and family members are stuck in and seem to replicate every generation. However, when you start getting a grander vision of yourself, of what is possible for yourself, then something clicks and you see that it is possible to break the old patterns and achieve the destiny of your lineage. Transforming our food choices from conventional fare to “the best food ever” has a dramatic effect on our destiny and consciousness over time and it make its easier to break the old patterns. “You are what you eat” will be with us forever. Now is the time to find out what eating quality foods and herbs can do for you.

Shervin: What do you say to those who are curious about shifting to a healthy diet but who aren’t ready to make the plunge?

David Wolfe: You don’t have to take anything away from what you’re eating now, all you have to do is add the raw-living foods, superfoods and superherbs in. Step by step the change starts to infiltrate its way into your life. You’ll notice the difference. There is no need to battle yourself. Let Nature take its course.

Shervin: Generally what are some top foods and superfoods you would recommend for modern lifestyles?

David Wolfe: Beets, Maca and Goji berries are great for starters.

Beets—known for their high betaine content; they’re good for the Liver and best when they’re juiced. They have strong anti-aging properties.

Maca is a super-root from the Andes — it increases oxygen uptake, balances hormones, and can be used as a protein source and an aphrodisiac.

Goji berries are a complete protein source. They improve your digestion, have anti-aging properties because they stimulate human growth hormone, and possess an extraordinary content of antioxidants which improve eyesight.

Shervin: You’re an advocate for drinking Spring water, why?

David Wolfe: By “spring water” I refer to cold water that has been drawn to the surface through the great “hydrological-cycle” of the Earth. Springs come out at a higher altitude than they should (based on our conventional theory of physics) and are driven by forces of levity. Anything that is influenced by upward motion means it has high-energy properties which counteract the heaviness of the Earth’s gravity. I believe this is the reason why the high-energy particles in spring water provide greater buoyancy for our joints and cardiovascular system than any other kind of water (fresh spring water is good for your joints and cardiovascular system). More important than this, spring water has consciousness, it is pure, authentic, real water — the way Nature intended. So I would say yes, find out about your local springs and drink pure cold spring water and find out what happens!

Shervin: You achieved great celebrity from the docu-film Food Matters. I know that you recently finished filming Food Matters 2? Is there anything you can share about the new movie?

David Wolfe: I can’t give too much away. All I know is it’s going to be a phenomenal sequel. James and Laurentine are absolutely the most beautiful and talented people you have ever seen. Everything they touch is gold. From what I’ve seen, the new movie will be total magic and better than the first one.

Shervin: David, on behalf of Newsvoice, thank you so much for your time. I hope you have a successful tour. More people need to hear from you.

David Wolfe: Thank you, Shervin. Have the Best Day Ever!

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  • THANKS Shervin for catching David in here.
    I was in the seminar in Gothenburg Sweden and I have to say that I’m going to check my water again since I have spring water before but got lasy to fetch it the last years!
    but more important in that seminar where the Rishi Mooshrooms he talks about and the Cacao of course… Y am including them every thaey since!
    love it
    thanks David!!

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