Who is Herman van Rompuy – The President of EU?

publicerad 25 november 2011
- Torbjörn Sassersson red.

Nigel Farage (1964-) is a British politician and was the Leader of the UK Independence Party. He is a current Member of the European Parliament (UK) and co-chairs the Eurosceptic Europe of Freedom and Democracy group.

Herman Van Rompuy (1947-) is the first long-term and full-time President of the European Council.

Nigel Farage, on behalf of the EFD Group:

“President of Europe this long-awaited day. We were told that, when we had a President, we would see a giant global political figure: the man that would be the political leader for five hundred million people; the man that would represent all of us on the world stage; the man whose job was so important that of course you are paid more than President Obama.”

“Well, I am afraid what we got was you. And I am sorry, but after that performance that you gave earlier I do not want to be rude, but you know, really, you have the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk.”

“The question that I want to ask and that we are all going to ask is: who are you? I had never heard of you; nobody in Europe had ever heard of you. I would like to ask you, Mr President: who voted for you?”

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