American Warning from 2008 is really about now 2011-2012


    This video clip American Warning from 2008 is really about now 2011-2012

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    Torbjörn Sassersson är redaktör på Torbjörn har arbetat inom media sedan 1995 och har i övrigt en bakgrund inom webb-PR, IT och kommunikation.
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    8 december 2011 kl 07:58

    No this has been going on for a long time. People are just now waking up

    Reply to  yeahright
    11 december 2011 kl 00:40

    Well. The U.S. government in a way that introduces a plan already brutal enslavement of your people. First, you deluded enemy in the person of terrorists from the outside, now you yourselves are the enemy of the Americans the U.S. government. Themselves agree to it. It’s at your acquiescence, under the guise of national security and citizens, you gave your government whip in hand. Soon you will have restrictions in the form of a temporary passport, forbid you to go abroad, a hearing for any reason, you will build a prison, and will convince you that it is right and proper. You have allowed to enslave. My condolences.

    David DW
    10 december 2011 kl 19:30

    Let us not become a police state and retake our nation. Put the power back to the people and vote for what is RIGHT!

    29 december 2011 kl 03:47

    we all just need to get a bong