The US constitution is gone


What if Jefferson was right: What if that Government is best that governs least? What if I am right and the Government is wrong? What if it is dangerous to be right when the Government is wrong?

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  1. Religion has no place in politics. These elite think they’re beyond reproach, and can do whatever they want. If only working people could get such job benefits like those members of Congress. We don’t need any discrimination or dominionism in the white house. I wonder if scientists are trying to cure the gay in the animal kingdom as much as the Bachmanns try to with people. These politicians make me SICK! Now we have to worry about the NDAA 1031. If Obama signs this bill, this country is done for. Kiss all your freedoms and rights good-bye. I might head to Canada myself.

  2. @morin Do you think this is the real bible, well if u do, u are wrong friend, the illuminti “rewrote”it thats y theres islam cz christianity is not very without offense, i mean we cnt trust what all is written in it as the illuminati changed it


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