The US constitution is gone

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publicerad 1 december 2011
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Den amerikanska konstitutionen

What if Jefferson was right: What if that Government is best that governs least? What if I am right and the Government is wrong? What if it is dangerous to be right when the Government is wrong?

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  • @morin Do you think this is the real bible, well if u do, u are wrong friend, the illuminti “rewrote”it thats y theres islam cz christianity is not very without offense, i mean we cnt trust what all is written in it as the illuminati changed it

  • Religion has no place in politics. These elite think they’re beyond reproach, and can do whatever they want. If only working people could get such job benefits like those members of Congress. We don’t need any discrimination or dominionism in the white house. I wonder if scientists are trying to cure the gay in the animal kingdom as much as the Bachmanns try to with people. These politicians make me SICK! Now we have to worry about the NDAA 1031. If Obama signs this bill, this country is done for. Kiss all your freedoms and rights good-bye. I might head to Canada myself.

  • What if we elected someone who realy cares about our Constitution [ Ron Paul ] reclaiming our Constitution is the only way out of this mess. One more thing, stop calling our country a democracy! It is a Constitutional Republic. It is because they have you thinking this country is a democracy that they can get away with this crap. ” A Republic, if you can keep it.”

  • I don’t think this web sight is valid or honest. Look up and see what language the administrators actually speak. Who translates this fearful trash?

  • All of this was predicted in the Bible. The America will be the power which (together with the papacy) will violate human rights, and eventually hunt and kill God’s people. The second coming of Christ is near. Let’s look up. The Lord is coming!

  • what if this has been happening for years and people have chosen to ignore it as long as it wasn,t affecting them (that there hits the nail on the head) what if the goverment has allready built thousands of intern/prison camps in remote areas of the u.s.a. what if theres fields of plastic coffins with tens of thosands of them what if we all just keep rolling over and saying theres nothing i can do did our fore fathers say this? if they had were would we be today so why should we keep rolloing over we shouldn,t

  • i would really like to see them try and enforce any bill which limits the true fundamentals of the thoughts and laws our fore fathers laid down as guidence on how to properly run a nation. it will never happen. first they would need to remove 110 million guns from the hands of americans and that’s only the legal number, there are around another 50 million illegal guns in the hands of americans.which they would need to take as well.then politicans would need to hope and pray that angry americans don’t show up at their door steps to lynch them. if they are able to do all that and still live, then maybe you may just experience a military dictatorship in this country.but only after the balance system is thourly destroyed and around 160-260 million end up in a grave. really people short of all that it will never could never be sustained for any lenghth of time,it would cost to much in lives and dollars.but one thing it did do it just crashed the stock market. all the major stocks except john deere and oil just went down the drain right with gold stocks. the only stocks which america still loves is oil & john deere. gotta love those tractors farmers do , that may just be a gear up for war because you need those mass production lines for tanks. by the way how did Ford , Gmc , and chrysler do?

  • FArewell to Peace my brothers and sister of the Global Republic. It is time to come to Arms and reinstate the Liberty’s and Freedoms our forefathers already fought for, it is time once again may it be a silent revolution swift and thourough. Till then you will see me but not know me I am everywhere.

    JW Hood.
    XO RnR Society Foundation Int.

  • FArewell to Peace my Brothers and Sisters of the Republic’s it is time for the People to stand for Liberty. I will always be here and around let the Silent Revolution Begin

  • To all of you who think this is a waste of time… What if this is the only way to warn the people that this happening because all the media is controlled by the government?

    I mean if something like this were to happen… a lot of the people involved must be religious or have some sort of belief where morals are involved. Maybe they’re scared karma will get them? anyway if we assume these people are not 100% evil they would try to warn the mass somehow. But since they need things to go according to plan, one of those plans being that they need U.S. citizens to be completely ignorant to what’s going on.. they would use our own skeptic beliefs and make all their warnings seem like jokes!

    Trust me I also feel a lot of these so called “preachers” of controversial things are just a bunch of kooks. But at the same time, deep down I know the reason why I would automatically assume all of them are just kooks is because I want to believe the country in which I plan on living in, raising my children in and possible dying in.. is a safe place. But automatically assuming any of these things, I will just be taking steps back and maybe eventually just watch the country destroyed. If I am alive to see this how will I live with the guilt?

    think about it, keep an open mind.

  • what if he was trying to get you to use your brain……….what if he was hoping that someone in his audience might take some initiative…….what if you can be more than what even you imagine……..what if you have the answers and dont even realize it

  • Man what if we all bought and read this guys book and pondered these questions, nothing would change. Not only America, the world is being played, we have been for years.I am Canadian and most would not believe the crazy things that get masterminded here for the so called world democratic theatre, or tested in plain view to exploit peoples rights, freedoms, genocide practice, rape of world resources via illegal trade, international border elimination etc..etc… The whole system is rigged and planned for specific desired results of the NWO. Sure, I am crazy, sounds like conspiracy. Nope, thats right folks, it is FACT. Screw the occupy wall street movement and lets take back OUR entire world from all of these corrupt bastards, hold them in jails indefinitely as we reverse their wrongs. How do we do this… I am open to ideas as I think all world citizens should be. Only one thing is for certain, WE need to take a stand. Here is a school video I made on the FTAA in 2001,

  • What if all the what if’s, were about opening your eyes to do the research for yourselves. The information you seek will sink in better if you read it for yourself, rather than half heartedly listened. If your opinion is already skewed and see no problem with the current administration, then by all means, remain the faithful lemming. The rest of America sees that our elected officials are currently not serving in it’s citizens best interests. Slow to zero growth in the economy, unemployment still above 9%, mandatory healthcare and carbon credits, all lead to a lot of WHAT IF’S!

  • This is a bunch of fucking bullshit for sure! May as welll live in Russia. I’M GETTING ME A GUN AND SAY “F.U”!!

  • This is just Perfect (Sarcastically) Thats it This Term I am not Voting for a Human. I voting for a Liger For President, Bangle Tiger For Vice President, Male Afican Lion to be Speaker Of the House, 50 Monkeys to Run Congress, a Dozen African Gray Elephants to Patrol Our Border from Mexico down to Canada. Why Elephants for the Border its simple If they see someone they do not feel safe they will roll on them and sit on them. Why Monkeys for Congress. If they dont like a Person they will throw Crap at them so they will think twice before reacting so dumbly. As for as I am concerned Both Democrates and Republicans are dumber than a Box of Rocks.

  • What if, in your freedom of the press, you had to go to another country’s website to hear a different point of view on your own government? The liberally driven media has protected this president more than any other in our history. Had it been President Bush to join the French President in insulting the Israeli Prime Minister on an open mic, there would have been a media circus on it for weeks. Were it not for Fox news, I would not have known about that incident. The only difference between our greatest threat from the last decade and our country’s greatest threat from this decade is one letter: O(S)ama… O(B)ama. Obama Bin Laden 2012!!!! be sure to vote!!!!

  • While indeed we may be in danger of becoming a police state here in America, it should be noted that the main reason Fox News and prominent American “conservatives” in general advocate for small government is to get government out of the way of the power plays of Big Business, the huge conglomerates that really run everything.

  • What if I wanted to take a big ole dumb on the cumquats face? Doesn’t mean its going to happen. People over think our government. The American people just amaze me sometimes. Geezus people.

  • To Charlie:

    Did you REALLY say that? You favorite an dictatorship? I’m sorry to ask you this, I know I am now really rude, but are you stupid? Did you overthink what you’ve said?
    If you vote an dictatorship you have an dictator! It doesn’t matter if it is 1 or 100 people.

    For example:
    Wasn’t Germany with its dictator not bad enough? Must a country like America really have something like this – in a worse performance? Do you really want this? You have to be joking or something like that.

    Germans are still suffering from what was back then and that is something America must not have.
    And if you do not know what I mean by saying “still suffering”, then look at the countries which still grumble and curse everyone in Germany as a Nazi. Especially in America.

    So please overthink your words!

  • So I guess a whole ton of people are very deluded and don’t realize that his “what ifs” were sarcastic. There is no what if if the hypothetical is truth.

  • To those of you who have been paying attention, these are not just “what if” questions. They are rhetorical statements because indeed these things have already happened, and every statement is substantiated by various actions of the federal government in the last decade. If you think these are just “what if” questions, you have not been paying attention.

  • So sad to read the comments on this page that say, “He’s not telling us anything.” What you all fail to realize is that the government can already do everything that he’s said. We are not free.

  • Concur with those who speak on his speaking of rhetoric. That FOX news segment within the article is disturbing for a myriad of reasons but most poignantly (to me) because it seems they are constructing skepticism and revolt against the CURRENT government to IMPLEMENT what they speak of in the video. The way they twist it they’re exposing what we critical thinkers have been observing for years but choose to do it NOW because of who is NOW in charge. Ay yi yi…sleep with one eye open, my people back home Stateside…♥

  • Okay…then that means we could beat anyone up because the rights are gone and we don’t have any…DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! China is going to take over in a couple years so what does it matter.

  • What if people could actually look passed the “what ifs” and try and understand the meaning behind what is being said, and not harp on the mans way of making a point…. It’s amazing, serious sh*t is happening in the government and people are commenting on the use of “what ifs”!? What if half of the American population wasn’t so damned immature!!!? Grow up people!

      • If you have been paying attention to ANYTHING happening in our country, then you would know that nothing this man said was rhetorical. It was meant to aggrivate you into a state of doing, not a state of apathy. I often forget just how complacent we as Americans are when it comes to our government. “The government should fear it people, the people should not fear the government.”

        • This video is still asinine. If he were to speak wisdom or enlighten me towards whatever his point may be, I might take it more seriously. Instead, I listened to 5 minutes of pointless babble when I could have been learning something new about the world or the country.

  • This video is a waste of time. He just gives you a bunch of ‘what if’s. He doesn’t talk about this so called bill. he doesn’t talk about anything. How about some proof that this is happening? I would like back the 5 minutes I wasted listening to you sir.

  • Income tax is unconstitutional.. and “what if the government made it illegal to put something in your body that has existed hundreds of years before our government existed?” Obviously he’s talking about prohibition, but what of the prohibition of other intoxicating chemicals that not only existed before the U.S. government, but also are natural, i.e. Marijuana, Coca, Peyote, Psylocibin Mushrooms, etc. etc. etc.

  • LISTEN, this man is just a man. He is biased. This whole speech is just to get you to see his side of things. This new bill in congress is good, in my opinion. Have any of you heard of the story of cincinnatus? In this story, there is a lower class man who basically gets elected dictator of rome in its peak. While in power all he did was defeat his enemies and fix social problems…. Then he resigned. If we are going to have a government near to a dictatorship, except we vote for the dictator, will it really be that bad?

    • Charlie, are you on crack? Please, voice your opinion by all means this is a free country. But I think it would be best if you voiced your opinions when you were in the right state of mind. People might take you for retard.

  • Seriously, this is irritating.

    What if, instead of asking “what-if”s, you instead said something useful and reported some news? I just wasted 5 minutes of my life listening to a man listing questions then doing nothing to expand upon them.

  • How can we live in a free country and not have any freedom? the goverment and military combined will destroy this country. No limits to the goverment and no rights to us we will surly become nothing more the incompatent ragdolls simply living under the goverments controll. The goverment will be able to watch our every text, monitor every call, and claim any land they seek fit. Paparing for the worst.

  • I could be killed for this, or thrown in prison for this but… I think the American government just declared civil war on it’s self.

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