Gerald Celente says people suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome – Alex Jones mentions rising gun sales


The trends analyst Gerald Celente warns the people of Europe and USA. You suffer from Stockholm Syndrome he says. They continously beat you and finally you become to love your torturer. He also mention the Warsaw Ghetto Syndrome happening in America. People think if they just stay nice all will be fine. But Celente discards that behaviour. Stand up for your rights he says. Your liberties are taken away. The last bill S.1867 in the US Senate, the Defence Authorization Act, is just another move to complete the breaking down of freedoms.

The web TV host, Alex Jones fills in. He will not give up the fight. The guns sales are on record pace. Having said that Gerald Celente dodge that statement, assuring he really just wants peace. He keeps pushing for Let the people vote. Alex Jones sums it up in a juicy trailer-like video clip. He encourage people to act and to use the internet to spread the word on how to stop the globalists.

Summary: Torbjorn Sassersson


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