Occupy London activists marked as terrorists

publicerad 6 december 2011
- Torbjörn Sassersson red.

Guardian.co.uk: “A notice sent out to businesses in the City of London has listed the protest movement among groups such as al-Qaida and Farc. Police have angered Occupy London activists after listing the movement among terrorist groups in an advisory notice sent to the business community in the City.”

“The document, dated 2 December, which was passed on to Occupy London’s Finsbury square encampment over the weekend by a local business owner, gave an update on foreign terrorist activities including that of Farc in Columbia, al-Qaida in Pakistan and the outcome of a trial into the Minsk bombing in Belarus.”

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  • it makes a lot more sense placing these collectivist ‘occupiers’ on that list than labelling the Tea Party ‘terrorists’ in America.

    ‘Occupy’ ‘s rhetoric is violent, they want to abolish constitutional rights and think the world needs to be run by “The Collective” and without regard to freedom or constitutional rights as long as “the common good” (what, then, would that be?!) is observed. The ‘occupy’ movement may well turn out to be an enormous threat to civil society and many of the liberties we take for granted these days, and could, therefore, be seen as some kind of terrorism indeed…

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