Wikileaks expose widespread spy methods using mobile phones


The 287 documents released by Wikileaks on December 1, 2011 reveal a multi billion spying industry that took off after 911 including many companies specialized in software development.

Summary: Torbjorn Sassersson | updated local time 18:50 December 5, 2011

The aim is to make every cellphone into a spying device enabling mass surveillance of individuals. The software is already known to automatically detect words and sentences including flagged content in the same way as cameras can detect and recognize certain faces in crowds. When detected personel can take over the surveillance to stalk the moves and whereabouts of suspects.

Russia Today says this surveillance has been used by many countries to find and kill people. According to Wikileaks and Julian Assange there are at least 160 companies in 120 countries that develop spyware for mass surveillance.

Russia Today: Assange: Using iPhone, Gmail, BlackBerry? You’re screwed



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5 december 2011 kl 18:45

I’m sure you already may have heard about this herb, but not too long ago the US seized his domain here and downloaded tons of information from his servers here so I find it really odd that wiki-leaks would re-open a server with bad info and fake sites. I sense foul play here:

If anyone comes across a press conference with Julian Assange dated in December please let me know. According to the IP addresses that are being used by the current domain are not current, and may not have ever belonged to wikileaks.

Here is a list of the fakes that I found and verified:

notice that they have matching IPs. All these sites are fakes created and hosted by imposters.

Here is a current, and trustworthy mirror of wikileaks:

Please spread the word. Also be wary of RT London, until I see footage of Assange saying these things, I must assume that this was a paid lie.

4 december 2011 kl 23:06

Well, technology itself isn’t our 2012. Technology may be what ultimately saves us. However, technology being misused by people who believe themselves above the rest of us is most definitely our 2012.

4 december 2011 kl 20:03

I just love human rights. This is so ridiculous. Man kind will be extinct one day, and its going to be because we will exterminate ourselves with things like this. Technology is our 2012.