Fusion Centers crucial for National Defense Authorization Act

Mike German. Foto: Joe Mabel. Licens: Page protected with pending changes GNU Free Documentation License, Wikimedia Commons
Mike German. Foto: Joe Mabel. Licens: Page protected with pending changes
GNU Free Documentation License, Wikimedia Commons

Mike German is a former FBI Terrorism Specialist that quit his government job and swapped side to the people telling them what is going on. He freely speaks about detention centers and the so-called fusion centers that collect data about ordinary people to map what political opinions people have, who they meet, what they read or take photos of, and they may be arrested for it.

The authorities now encourage people to report their neighbours for suspicious behaviour. The aim is to look for patterns and profiles.

The National Defense Authorization Act (HR 1540 – SB 1867) was signed by Obama. The Act will permit the indefinite detention of people for no reason and without due process of law.

“Just before midnight December 31, 2011, Barack Hussein Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, nullifying the people’s Bill of Rights and establishing a totalitarian, soviet style, militarydictatorship.  The document is a signed declaration of war against we the people of the United States.”

“The insurgents within our government have just put a legislative coup into action to be followed by a military coup and enslavement of we the people.  I think we can expect to see attempts at gun confiscation which will lead to conflict between the insurgents and the American people.” 

By NewsVoice


Source: Henry Shivley,  HR 1540 – S 1867 National Defense Authorization Act Signed in the Middle of the Night, Obama Now Officially a Military Dictator

Wikileaks: “German spent 16 years as a decorated undercover FBI agent, which ended when he blew the whistle on the corrupt management of a counterterrorism case. In 2002, he was investigating meetings between terrorism suspects. When he discovered other officers had jeopardized the investigation by violating wiretapping regulations, he reported what he found to his supervisors, in accordance with FBI policy. His accusations were ignored, his reputation ruined and his career obliterated.”

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