Trends forecasting 2012: global protests continues, banks will close down, maybe war in Iran

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publicerad 24 januari 2012
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Summary: Torbjorn Sassersson

The martial artist of trends forecasting mr Gerald Celente says everybody are undermining every body else. When the money stops flowing down to the man on the streets the blood starts flowing in the streets. Celente discards the argument used against the occupy movement that it is not speaking with one voice, instead that is the strength of the movement. It can’t be silenced down like they did with Wikileaks.

Stöd NewsVoice Celente continues arguing: the bigger the failure – the bigger the crack down. They turned USA into battleground America with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) because they see it coming. They see the global protests coming on strong. Yet they believe it’s just huligans when its really awakenings going on among people. Politicians are disconetcted from reality still knowing everything is coming down.

Gerald Celente’s trends forecasting team is expecting a major economic turmoil in 2012. They will find a reason to close down the banks. Maybe by attacking Iran will do it. People won’t be able to get their money out of the banks [because they are gone].

“We’re looking at something with a major magnitude [in 2012] because of the failure of the financial system that they are not able to fix. Allt they are doing is throwing more money on top of bad money that they can’t collect.”

They will continue taking down our rights on every level of freedom that we have during 2012 as well as they have already done before that. So it looks grim according to Celente’s trends forecasting team.

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