Pharmaceutical Cannabis Makes Cancer Tumors Shrink

publicerad 15 mars 2012
- av NewsVoice

U.S. pioneering biotech company developing pharmaceutical cannabis (marijuana) products, has just released new updated photos from a cancer patient self-administering cannabis extracts.

Prior to using cannabis-based extracts the patient had received radiation and chemotherapy treatment. He patient noticed a huge difference between the treatments:

"While on radiation treatments, each day was stressful and after each treatment I felt horrible as if my entire body was dying organ by organ, -says he. While using the Oil, I have noticed that my overall health seems much better. I sleep the recommended hours, unlike the insomnia I suffered while on radiation, and unlike the radiation that caused the restless sleep and nightmares, on the Oil I sleep like a baby."

The patient also mentioned that while showering he saw pieces of the tumor falling off with the water as he was washing his head. This patient is very pleased with the results of the topical cannabis extract so far and said he enjoyed absolutely nothing about radiation and felt constantly sick and just overall unhealthy, but with using the oil he said, "I feel myself being restored, not tortured."

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Text: Moises Hansen

Disclaimer: When a patient is deciding what type of treatment they want to pursue, they should talk with their doctor first, about the specific cancer type that they have and discuss the treament course