How To Activate Your Nonphysical Sight To Have Your Very First OBE

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publicerad 7 april 2012
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The biggest problem with OBEs that you never hear about in books is that at the start, your OBEs are going to be the pits!

In your first several OBES, there’s a good chance you’re going to be totally blind in them with your eyes glued shut with nonphysical gunk that’s accumulated there over the course of your life.

You’ll probably end up staggering around, barely able to stand up. And if you do manage to get your sight working, the OBE area you’re in will probably be dark and dreary unless you do something to change things.

This nonphysical gunk in your eyes is something we covered briefly in Lucidology 101, but really it deserves a lot more attention to it since it’s the main reason visualization in OBEs is hard.

The books on OBEs will tell you the main reason people don’t do OBEs is because of fear. That’s completely untrue. The real main reason they don’t have OBEs most people don’t even know that OBEs exist.

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