The Anonymous Hacker Network Launches its Own WikiLeaks

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publicerad 14 juli 2012
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Anonymous Intelligence Agency

Frustrated by the lack of impact from Anonymous’ otherwise famous hacks and data dumps, and the slow pace of information coming out of WikiLeaks, the Anonymous launched a WikiLeaks-like site called Par:AnoIA abbreviated from: Potentially Alarming Research: ANOnymous Intelligence.

By Quinn Norton | July 13, 2012 | WIRED

Paranoia don’t gather the data; like WikiLeaks. Paranoia take submissions, but from the Anonymous community. The project was created as a response to a year of Anonymous releases where the announcement of document dumps generated plenty of media, but the documents’ content got little coverage.

“The reason no one cares about these leaks, as a general rule of thumb, is that they can’t do anything with [them],” said a Paranoia anon volunteering on document processing for the project in an online chat with Wired. “Basically, [we’re] making it accessible to anyone that wants to do something with it, in a proper usable format.”

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