Africa – Vaccinations at gunpoint, kids paralyzed and falling asleep after injection

Torbjörn Sassersson är grundare av NewsVoice som startade 2011. Torbjörn har arbetat inom media sedan 1995. Han har en fil kand (1992) inom miljövård från Stockholms Universitet. Stöd hans arbete genom en direktdonation via Paypal.
publicerad 3 augusti 2012
- Torbjörn Sassersson

VaccineBefore I went to Uganda, I knew all about Bill Gates and his billion dollar vaccine campaign. I had read the stories of him going into remote African villages and vaccinating children with the measles vaccine at gunpoint.

I knew about the thousands of cases of children in India becoming paralyzed after receiving his polio vaccines.

I’ve researched the African children coming down with the mysterious “nodding” disease” immediately after vaccination.

I’ve listened to the interviews where Bill Gates calls his vaccine campaign “population control”. But like most things, we don’t really believe it until we actually see it.

During my time in Uganda, I saw it.

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