Socialminister Göran Hägglund (KD) kallar Assange för kräk

publicerad 17 augusti 2012
- av NewsVoice
Göran Hägglund Assange Twitter

Göran Hägglund Assange Twitter

Herald Sun: Swedish minister attacks 'coward' Assange, as embassy stand-off continues

"A SWEDISH minister has called besieged WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange a "coward", a "pitiful wretch" and a "scumbag".

Swedish media reports the Minister of Social Affairs Goran Hagglund has fired off a furious Twitter message:

"Sick. A coward who does not dare to have his case tried by the court. If the accusations against him are true, he is a scumbag."

The Twitter outburst was part of an ongoing exchange with Swedish tabloid journalist Niklas Svensson."

Source: Herald Sun