Lawyer for Assange Detained at Heathrow and Told She Was on a ’Secret Watch List’

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publicerad 4 september 2012
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Jennifer Robinson, 2018. Foto: George Hughes . Licens: CC BY 4.0

Australian Jennifer Robinson who worked for Julian Assange was stopped at Heathrow and told that she was on a secret watch list and required special clearance before she could board her plane and go home, according to The Daily Mail.

Re-write: Torbjorn Sassersson

Robinson said that being on an ‘inhibited person list’ means you must have ‘done something controversial. She could not understand why she was on the list as she had never done anything controversial nor criminal, but indeed one of her clients has been Mr Assange, Mail Online writes.

According to Australian law, a citizen does not need special clearance when returning to their own country, regardless of whether they are on any watch lists.

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