NOOA confirms: Huge Sun eruption will reach Earth today Sep 3, 2012

publicerad 3 september 2012
- av Torbjörn Sassersson red.

NewsVoice announced on September 1 that a huge solar flare might reach Earth. Today The NOAA spaceweather prediction center confirms and estimates the resulting cloud of radiation will reach Earth today on September 3, but will only create a minor to moderate geomagnetic storm.

This new video by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captures the dramatic filament eruption on August 31 here in extreme ultraviolet light.

Long filaments like this one have been known to collapse with explosive results when they hit the stellar surface below. The segment in the 304 angstroms wavelength (red Sun) covers almost 3 hours.

Sun eruption August 31, 2012
Sun eruption August 31, 2012 – Source: Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) – NASA

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