Nolan Porter – ”If I could only be sure”


”Nolan Porter was born in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in the Los Angeles area for most of his life. You could call him a native, but he prefers to think of himself in other terms. He later graduated from Los Angeles High school. His love of music along with his talent for writing and vocalizing put him into Lizard Recording Studio in the early 70’s, putting out two albums, “Nolan” and “Nolan, No Apologies”.” /

”After traveling the world in the 80s, the spiritual side of Nolan’s music was stronger than ever. In recent years the sound of Marvin Gaye could still be heard in one of Nolan’s favorite tunes, ”What’s Going On?”. As so often happens, Nolan has found his life curving back upon itself: Some two decades and who knows how many miles after playing with the alumni of Frank Zappa’s Mothers Of Invention, Nolan found himself together with Candy Zappa.” /

Nolan Porter is still an active musician and singer today

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