An amazing cancer cure summit November 7, US timezone

publicerad 6 november 2012
- av Torbjörn Sassersson red.

World's top alternative cancer treatment experts unleashed in free online audio event beginning November 7th - register now to listen in!

An amazing cancer summit begins tomorrow, featuring mind-blowing interviews with top cancer experts who are laying out the truth about cancer treatment, cancer solutions, cancer prevention and things the cancer industry doesn't want you to know. / Mike Adams

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Or see it on YouTube

It has been organized by my Kevin Gianni, and it features an amazing lineup of alternative cancer experts:

* Kris Carr - Cancer Advocate and Survivor

* Dr. Nicholas gonzalez - Integrative Cancer M.D.

* Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy - Integrative Cancer M.D.

* Dr. Francisco Contreras - Integrative cancer M.D.

* Nicholas Ortner - Emotional Healing Techniques

* Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby

* Mike Adams - The Health Ranger

* Cancer Survivor: Christopher Wark

* Howard Strauss - Advocate & Son of Charlotte Gerson

* Jessica Ainscough