Anonymous hacker behind Stratfor attack face lifetime


Russia Today

Published: 23 November 2012
Startfor hacker Jeremy Hammond

“A pretrial hearing in the case against accused LulzSec hacker Jeremy Hammond this week ended with the 27-year-old Chicago man being told he could be sentenced to life in prison for compromising the computers of Stratfor.”

“Judge Loretta Preska told Hammond in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday that he could be sentenced to serve anywhere from 360 months-to-life if convicted on all charges relating to last year’s hack of Strategic Forecasting, or Stratfor, a global intelligence company whose servers were infiltrated by an offshoot of the hacktivist collective Anonymous.”

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TNT Magazine

Published: 27 February 2012

“Alledgedly working alongside online activist movement Anonymous, Wikileaks today publishes a huge cache of emails from the US intelligence firm Stratfor.”

“Anonymous have made the claim that ‘government and diplomatic sources from around the world give Stratfor advance knowledge of global politics and events in exchange for money.”

‘The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment-laundering techniques and psychological methods.’ they continued.

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