Zeigeist producer Peter Joseph to launch “InterReflections” in 2013


DULY NOTED. Controversial Social Activist and Filmmaker Peter Joseph, creator of the world-renowned “Zeitgeist Film Series, ” which has been translated into over 40 languages; screened in over 150 countries and seen in total by an estimated 300 Million people. Peter Joseph will in 2013  launch a brand new film set titled: “InterReflections.”

Peter Joseph has turned his back on the Hollywood, profit-isolated distribution format and works to make all his expressions available for free on the Internet, coupled with free DVD/Blu-Ray torrent downloads.

“Everything I create is freely available not only for viewing and downloading so people can create their own DVDs without purchase, I also allow open distribution for non-profit means outright. I have a deep dislike for the income system and even though survival in the world today requires income, I choose to give the audience the option of support if they care to,” says Joseph.

“As a filmmaker, I have changed my view regarding what really inspires people and I feel the ‘abstract arts,’ if you will, rather than mere cold academia, hold a powerful place in changing people. We can tell people technical data all day long and some will absorb it… but the arts have a mysterious way of sneaking behind people’s values and planting seeds for new ideas. Apart from the feature film series and my online satire expression: ‘Culture in Decline,’ I also curate an annual media festival in Los Angeles – The Zeitgeist Media Festival – which is based upon similar issues. I try to walk the line between art and intellect, academia and poetry. Balance is key.”



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9 januari 2013 kl 04:42

Har forskat i kristendomens rötter i över 20 år och när jag sett Zeitgeist the Movie gick det upp för mig att Jesus egentligen handlar om astroteologi, alltså teologi baserad på stjärnkonstellationerna. För 5000 år sedan hade Egypten också en Jesus figur som kallades för Horus. Han hade också 12 lärljungar, en moder som var jungfru osv.
Zoroaster var också en kristus gestalt i gamla Persien. Vi har även Krishna gestalten som fanns långt innan Bibel Jesus. Bibel Jesus är alltså den livgivande solen som människor dyrkat i årtusenden. Det var min synopsis på tusentals studietimmar och hundratals böcker jag läst i ämnet. Men människor kommer att fortsätta tro på de gamla bronsåldersmyterna.
Så är människans natur.