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publicerad 8 januari 2013
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Webbkanalen Brasscheck-TV har producerat och lagt upp andras videos och intervjuer om problemen med vaccin. 

74% Whooping Cough outbreak cases involve VACCINATED kids (6:44)

A wave of pharmaceutical company frauds (14:33)

A weaponized flu vaccine cover-up (9:19)

Actor Rob Schneider cuts loose on parental rights, vaccines, corporate greed (4:29)

An interview with Edward T. Haslam (44:00)

Autism up 78% in a single decade (2:48)

Big Pharma’s Eugenics Past 1/2 (13:25)

Big Pharma’s Eugenics Past 2/2 (4:07)

Cases of ‘non-polio’ paralysis rise after polio vaccination drives (2:33)

CDC Issues Major Vaccine Alert (2:34)

CDC recommends HPV vaccine for boys, but will it be mandatory? (1:37)

Cocaine vaccine uses mutated cholera bacteria (7:15)

Deadly strain of SUPER BIRD FLU created in a lab (1:24)

Deciphering the Swine Flu Scam (60:00)

Disgusting vaccine push during vaccine caused Whooping Cough epidemic (2:08)

Drive-Thru Vaccination (2:23)

Gardasil Follow up (2:00)

Gardasil: chemical weapon of the elite (14:32)

Getting ready for flu season (2:00)

Health care workers revolt (2:00)

Merck, the military, and germ warfare on college campuses (9:35)

Military guinea pigs (6:50)

Mother angry after daughter vaccinated without her knowledge or consent (3:22)

Mysterious illness hits school girls, covered up by HIPAA privacy rules (3:44)

Nature? Accident? Biological warfare? (20;00)

Origin of AIDS: The Polio Vaccine (CBC ‘Witness’, 2004) (43:50)

Professor wants the population to be chemically castrated of free will (21:12)

Pushing Gardasil (10:00)

Rabies vaccine to be dropped from the air (6:41)

Ron Paul on swine flu hysteria (3:00)

Swine Flu Government Data Scam (9:00)

Swine Flu Propaganda – Redux (20:00)

The avian flu scam (20:00)

The Great Vaccine Fraud (1:29:41)

The Mercury-Autism Cover Up (2:44)

Truly scary stuff (6:20)

Vaccine created illnesses (10:00)

Vaccine exemptions attacked by Vermont’s State Senate (3:25)

Vaccine injured (4;37)

Vaccines and Autism (7:29)

“We want the profits, not the responsibility” (9:23)

“We’re from the government and we’re here to help.” (2:24)

Whooping cough outbreaks higher among children already vaccinated (3:05)

Will we have a choice? (7:00)

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