Philippine Department of Energy verifies Aviso’s self-charging electric vehicle

publicerad 18 januari 2013
- av Torbjörn Sassersson red.

Philippine Department of Energy has recently tested Ismael Aviso’s electric vehicle. Using Aviso’s on-board generator which harvests ambient energy from the surroundings, the motor ran at 133% efficiency. This means “overunity”.

“This is the first instance in which a national DOE has validated overunity of any kind outside of the conventional free energy technologies of solar, wind, geothermal, tide, biomass, where the source of energy is always obvious.”

Text Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News 

“We are talking about an electric vehicle that can drive down the road without having to stop to re-charge, because the energy is derived onboard from the surroundings, in real time; in the tradition of Nikola Tesla’s Pierce Arrow.”

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