Sodium valproate may have hurt 45,000 children in England

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publicerad 3 februari 2013
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Carol Sarler’s granddaughter was damaged by a toxic medicine… here she reveals brutal indifference of officials who won’t help. As many as 45, 000 babies in the UK have been affected, Daily Mail writes. 

“At first, we didn’t know this. We marvelled at the new baby, as every family does. Then, from her first birthday onwards, came little signs. She didn’t eat as others did, nor walk, nor talk. We kept going to her GP, who kept swatting us away; children, she declared, ‘develop at their own pace’. But years of investigative journalism leave their mark. I began to research. Valproate leapt out; we returned to the GP with renewed fears; we were swatted away, again.”

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