Dr. Andrew Wakefield response to the measles outbreak in South Wales


Dr Wakefield responds (April 2013) to UK public health officials call for censorship on MMR vaccine safety debate, measles vaccine failure, and issues a further challenge for open debate.

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Bengt Hesdorf
8 juni 2013 kl 20:24

Italian Court Rules MMR Vaccine Caused Autism: US Media Blacks Out Story The debate over vaccines continues as an Italian court ruled in favor of the Bocca family whose nine-year-old son became autistic after receiving the MMR (Measles/Mumps & Rubella) vaccine. I came across this case and felt it was a good idea to report on this as the vaccine debate has been a hot topic here lately. Although the case concluded in 2012, the information is just as relevant today. UPDATE: We realize the controversy surrounding Wakefield and his study. Please also note that the story about Wakefield being paid to create data to due vaccine makers is a false story. At the time of this false story, vaccine makers were protected from even being able to be sued. He obviously can see no benefit in creating a “fake study” to sue people that cannot be sued. Instead of focusing on Wakefield, observe the other studies involved and the massive growing movement to re-think vaccines based on science and evidence. We also recognize that Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning that there is a wide range in how it affects people. A phenomenon due to vaccines could account for some type of Autism on that spectrum. On the other hand we recognize that there could be be some genetic differences within ones DNA that could result in showing behavior and other types of characteristics seen in what we have labelled as Autism or ASD. Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning that there is a wide degree of variation in the way it affects people. Valentino Bocca was given the MMR vaccine when he was 15 months old in 2004. The family has stated that immediately after the jab their son began showing signs of serious discomfort. The Bocca family decided to act and took the case to court. Judges determined the vaccine did cause the autism after new evidence was presented and awarded the Bocca family 174,000 euro (£140,000) after the Italian Health Ministry conceded the MMR vaccine caused autism in their nine-year-old son Valentino. After the ruling, Italian lawyers began examining around 100 similar cases which they believe could lead to more families pursuing court cases. Of course this case does not come with two sides to the argument. In Britain, doctors and health experts insist that the onset of autism after the vaccine was merely a coincidence… Read more »

1 maj 2013 kl 22:58

Har följt den här mannen länge. Med lite research finner man att han är mycket trovärdig, och de som kritiserar honom har inte ens gjort den mest grundläggande researchen, för det är direkt pinsamt vad de bara kopierar från vad någon annan, felaktigt, har påstått. Nu går jag sällan till läkare, men skulle jag det är han def. mitt val.

20 april 2013 kl 23:06

Fantastiskt övertygande. Hur kan man skicka en sån man ut i ensamheten? Och vilka vill det?