Pseudovård: Vanliga rutiner vid förlossning saknar evidens och kan vara skadliga

publicerad 31 maj 2013
- av NewsVoice

Många av de vanliga rutinerna inom modern förlossningsvård saknar helt evidens och är i flera fall direkt skadliga.

Text: Linda Morge

Blivande föräldrar informeras dock inte om detta och ges därmed ingen chans att söka efter fakta själva, än mindre avsäga sig ingreppen. Det här är en fråga om mänskliga rättigheter, eftersom det kan inverka på barnets hela framtida hälsa, och även mammans, men gammelmedia undviker helst att rapporterar om detta så tabubelagda ämne.

Den 29:e maj 2013 tog den oberoende brittiska nyhetskällan: “The Conversation” upp ämnet:

“Hospitals provide much-needed medical care and treatment for women who run into difficulty in childbirth. But many women and babies have medical intervention and treatment without good reason. We’ve become blind to the risks of some commonly used interventions and the importance of normal births for a good start in life. Instead, we’re often led to believe that it is only safe to give birth in a hospital and surrounded by doctors.”

“Apparently innocuous interventions, such as clamping and cutting the umbilical immediately after birth, which have been carried out routinely may now be harmful. There is evidence that delaying clamping and cord cutting could prevent iron deficiency and improve the long-term development of the baby.”

“Reports of doctors and midwives bullying women into treatments they do not want for them and their babies is perhaps an indicator of the gap between policy and practice in some circumstances. Support for normal birth and avoidance of interventions is now seen by many as a human rights issue.”

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Text: Linda Morge

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