CIA invented “conspiracy theory” in 1967

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publicerad 12 september 2013
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Foster Gamble

Foster GambleIt is a little-known though well-documented fact that the origin of the campaign to ridicule research into conspiracies was initiated by the CIA in 1967 to undermine the credibility of those who questioned the official claims of the Warren Commission regarding the so-called facts of the Kennedy assassination.

Text: Foster Gamble

Given the challenge we and others feel when speaking out about conspiracies, I think Lance deHaven-Smith is right when, in his new book Conspiracy Theory, he suggests “the CIA’s [covert and illegal] campaign to popularize the term ‘conspiracy theory’ and make conspiracy belief a target of ridicule and hostility must be credited…with being one of the most successful propaganda initiatives of all time…”

Of course not all proclaimed conspiracies are true. There are competent conspiracy analysts and incompetent ones, just as there are skilled and shoddy reporters, historians or practitioners of any discipline.

What Does “Conspiracy” Actually Mean?

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines “conspire” as: “to plot, to contrive, to scheme — to join in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act.”

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  • Danne: Självklart är det så det är. Just därför skapade de begreppet “Conspiracy theory” för att dölja sin egen verksamhet. Begreppet spreds sedan på ett lagom löjeväckande sätt genom media tills alla människor kände till de som något enbart knäppskallar håller på med.
    If you want to hide something, put it everywhere, typ. Inom frimureriet känner man väl till alla mekanismer för att få massorna dit man vill.

  • Many believe what got Kennedy killed was his speech about secret societies like in

    Some think he was murdered because he knew about the report about “The Road to Iron Mountain. – A blueprint to Tyrrany”. At least the first half.

    It could also be that he wanted to print USA’s own paper money excluding the US Federal Bank Reserve which is not US, not Federal, not a Bank and not a Reserve.|

    Such a man that almost everyone in the whole world admired and believed in quite simply had to be stopped. It is not enough to accuse him about talking nonsense or empty “conspiracy theories”. But if some of the people here and there in general starts to realize, or some less known experts here and there it can easily be covered by accusing them of spreading nonsense. Especially when the media is controlled by NWO.

    The road to Iron Mountain with an NWO center and a World Bank there depends on that
    all or almost all countries in the world must be made more or less bankrupt first through large loans with large interest year after year, decade after decade. After the final bankruptcies NWO takes over the natural resources in each country in exchange for world peace from NWO. But NWO must present a threat against the world or the world population does not want to have anything to do with NWO, so they invent the alien threat and later complements with the Global warming threat in combination with depleting of the world resources. Anyone who studies about that knows that also that is a lie or many lies. But people in general don’t want to study in depth and NWO knows that and counts on that.

  • Att CIA sysslar med mörka konspirationer är ingen teori. Det är ett teorem eller en möjligtvis en truism. Tyckte det var litet på sin plats att poängtera det.
    Ett teorem (av gr. theor’eo, betrakta, skåda) är ett vetenskapligt påstående eller en sats som har bevisats, till exempel inom matematik och logik. Inom matematiken syftar begreppet teorem vanligtvis på en viktigare slutsats eller ett huvudresultat inom en viss teori.[1] Om teorin är axiomatiskt uppbyggd följer teoremet logiskt från teorins axiom. I ett formaliserat system kallas varje slutsats, som kan härledas från axiomen och med hjälp av systemets slutledningsregler, för ett teorem.

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