Project Awake – Dr. Andrew Wakefield – Continued Funding Needed

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publicerad 30 september 2013
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Andrew Wakefield and Celia Farber, New York. Produktion:
Andrew Wakefield and Celia Farber, New York. Produktion:
Andrew Wakefield and Celia Farber, New York. Produktion:

We are a team of international journalists located in Sweden, Finland and the US, who began working together in the spring of 2013 to counter the mainstream media’s destructive and ongoing attacks on Dr. Andrew Wakefield. When Swedish Television (SVT) ran a story rife with error and even libel, never even attempting to contact Dr. Wakefield for the facts, we contacted Dr. Wakefield, obtained corrections, and sent them to SVT.

Then we reported SVT to The Swedish Broadcasting Commission where an investigation was opened. The result? SVT was found Not Guilty.

Most disturbingly, SVT made no attempt to contact Dr. Wakefield before it aired its report, and many of its contentions are flat out wrong.

In April of this year, New York based journalist Celia Farber (part of our team) interviewed Dr. Wakefield in New York, getting more and deeper information about his incredible story, his involvement in, and battles with, the vaccine industries and media. We used the available funds that we had collected, to this end.

Now we are seeking new funding, to edit and produce the final film.

We need to hire an editor, record audio tracks, voiceovers, and obtain rights to clips from media sources.

The movie is also about the pharmaceutical industry that try to silence and destroy critics

This film is not only about the case of Dr. Wakefield, but the attempts by various industries, most notably the pharmaceutical industry, to silence and destroy critics by character assassination. This sets a very dangerous precedent and could easily render a democratic society totalitarian, by crushing free speech and freedom of accurate information.

The Awake Team thanks for for your friendship, support and help.

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