Belgium BANS Mobile Phones For Children

4749 On the same day that we read reports from the Lancet that the UK is “lagging behind similar countries on many indicators for ill-health” (and continues to lag in the diagnosis and survival of cancer), the Belgian government has announced measures to restrict the use of mobile phones by young children.

Public Health Minister Laurette Onkelinx has announced that sales of mobile phones to children under 7 years will be banned in shops and also on the internet.

Adverts for mobile phones during children’s programmes on TV radio and the internet will also be banned.

Research shows that in Belgium every two out of three children under 10 years have a mobile phone. At 12 years they nearly all have one.

The minister has highlighted the radiation risk from cell phones which is higher for young children than adults.

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  1. Belgium leads the world in this health precaution–and psychological precaution, too! Bill Moyers interviewed leading developmental psychologist [] who expressed well-researched concerns that cellphones and other microwave media destroy a child’s ability to relate to their family or each other. Also, check for more at www,

  2. Thanks for interesting link F N T.
    I personally use my mobile only when ‘on the go’ – and don’t use the portable phone at home, as get hot ear/head and aching jaw from it. My husband makes most of our calls – while I use an old plugged-in-the-wall-phone when occasionally on the phone.
    I heard of two kids, sitting side by side in a waiting-room, messaging each other ,,rather than talking! They might as well have been in different parts of the world…

  3. @Mayne Sundewall-Hopkins

    My experience is that everywhere where there is inflammation, microwaves can cause pain. A tooth that has had amalgam has toxic heavymetals stored in the jawbone beneath and around the root. This often leads to a tooth abcess and inflammation in the jaw. An OPG X-ray can be useful if the dentist is skilled an honest. Which of course is rare.

  4. Well done Belgian government, isn’t it a shame that the all famous DECT phones is 100 times worse than a mobile phone and ten times worse than Wi Fi. At least Belgian has taken the right step in the right direction. But, our government would rather stick the head in the sand like an ostrich believing that if you can’t see it then it can’t hurt you.

  5. Interesting Roger “Sigge” Olsson – thanks. I had all my amalgam fillings taken out in the mid 90s. I was lucky to find a specialist (one of just 3, at the time, in UK) dentist in this field – made a big difference! However, living with SLE (..for many years) may be the cause of ongoing sensitivity to various ‘beams’ in my environment.

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