NASA scientist calls for establishment of a Moon base

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publicerad 27 december 2013
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Moon (2009) - Photo: NASA, Lunar-Reconnaissance-Orbiter

Chris McKay, a planetary scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Center, is the latest person to advocate for a NASA led return to the moon in the wake of the Chinese Chang’e 3 mission,  according to a December 20, 2013 article in Red Orbit.

Text: Mark R. Whittington

“The main reason for establishing a NASA lunar base is that it provides the United States a strong say in what happens on the moon. This is important considering the interest in lunar resources expressed by China and other countries, not to mention a number of private companies.”

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Mark R. Whittington is the author of Children of Apollo and The Last Moonwalker and Other Stories. Mark has written for the Washington Post, the LA Times, USA Today, the Houston Chronicle, and other venues.

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