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Steven Seagal considering bid for Arizona governor

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publicerad 6 januari 2014
- News@NewsVoice
Hollywood i Kalifornien. Foto: Sasha Stories. Licens: (free use)

MSNBC. Action film star and martial arts expert Steven Seagal could add another title to his already-extensive resume: governor of Arizona.

Text: Abby Borovitz and Traci G. Lee

During an interview with KNXV-TV, Seagal said he is considering a gubernatorial bid, with the backing of outspoken advocate of harsh immigration law enforcement, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“Joe Arpaio and I were talking were talking about me running for governor in Arizona,” Seagal said. “I suppose I would remotely consider it, but probably would have a lot of other responsibilities that may be more important to the task.”

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