Jose Salvador Alvarenga survived alone on pacific atoll for more than a year

publicerad 3 februari 2014
- av Torbjörn Sassersson red.

Jose Salvador Alvarenga photo Tony de Brum.pngA man washed up on the Marshall Islands in the Pacific was lost at sea for more than a year. He left Mexico on a fishing trip, was blown off course after his engine died and watched his buddy starve to death.

Text: Tracy Connor, NBC News | Photo: Tony de Brum | Map: Wikimedia Commons

"The castaway, who identified himself as Jose Salvador Alvarenga, was questioned Monday by police and told them an incredible story: He drifted 6,000 miles in a 24-foot boat, surviving on fish, birds, turtles, rainwater, urine -- and prayers."

Observe the perfect product placement for Coca Cola, or maybe he just asked for it. (editors note)

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