Biochemist eliminated monosodium glutamate – Cured daughter’s autism


monosodium glutamatKatherine Reid, a Bay Area biochemist with a daughter who was autistic, believes she may have found an antidote to the neurodevelopment disorder – and it’s as simple as changing a person’s diet.

Text [edited]: Stacy Finz SF Gate | Image: facsimile, photo: Paul Chinn, The Chronicle | Buy this photo

There is no FDA-approved treatment for autism therefore people have turned to homeopathy, probiotics and alternative diets. It has also become popular for parents of children with autism or ADHD to turn to gluten- and casein-free diets, writes Stacy Finz.

But Katherine Reid solution is different. She has eliminated just one single chemical compound known as monosodium glutamate, or MSG – an ingredient many people associate with Chinese food.

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