Flight 370: Signs point to backdoor landing approach onto secret island base

publicerad 7 april 2014
- Henrik G

A new hypothesis, based on first hand accounts and one on one interviews with eye witnesses of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight #370.

INTELLIHUB. It’s now been 30-days since Malaysian Airlines flight 370 went missing after departing from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on route to China and search and rescue teams have still found no trace of the Boeing 777 aircraft or any of its 239 passengers, after being fed botched search area data by Malaysian officials.

Directed by Will Smith, John Holloway records actual interviews with natives from the remote island of Kudahuvadhoo in the Maldives. These people claim to have seen flight 370 fly very low over their small island the day of it’s disappearance.
We urge the nations of China, Malaysia, United States and all others involved to extend the range of the search to the Northern Indian Ocean. It is only right for the family members of the passengers of Flight 370 to have every lead investigated fully. I hope CNN, Fox News and the other major American News outlets begin to explore these other breaks in the case rather than revamp old data.

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