Deepak Chopra – Anger over Wikipedia’s skeptic-moderators

publicerad 19 maj 2014
- Henrik G

Deepak ChopraDeepak Chopra: “Many of you may already know how vocal I have been in the past year regarding Wikipedia’s bias covering such topic matters as mind body studies, new science, and of course my friend Rupert Sheldrake’s biography page.”

“Since Rupert and I began to speak out about the level of abuse and outright vitriol occurring on these articles, many more individuals and organizations have also stepped forward, highlighting a similar problem, including Nobel prize winning laureate Brian Josephson.”

“Key facts or relevant events in our lives or research are being omitted, efforts to include them in the articles by neutral editors are being met with harassment, defamation and personal attacks. Skeptic activists on Wikipedia are on a campaign to discredit notable biographies that deal with any form of alternative viewpoints and because I am a highly public proponent, my own article has been made into a ‘ground zero’ for these same skeptics who have sought to discredit my name and work for over 15 years.”

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  • Åsiktsmanipulering gjorde man också i Nazityskland. Interessant att vi åter bevittnar samma sak med så få reaktioner. Den som kastar sten…….
    Det är alltid lätt att anklaga Nazityskland och tyskarna att de földe Hitler ” så begeistrat” eller lever vi redan i en sådann skreck att de flesta röster är tysta?

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